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  1. Just purchased a refurbished X-Star Premium from the Autel website. Also purchased three extra batteries and have Master Airscrew propellers on the way. I sure hope I haven't made a mistake by going for a refurb rather than new but, I've researched and found no real negatives about them. I thought I'd try this, then I may purchase another new one sometime next year. This will be my first Autel.

    If there are any other refurbished X-Star owners around the forum, I'd like to know your views and experiences with it.
  2. LabRat1957,
    I have a refurbished X-star and am very happy with it. Remember it has a 6 month warranty and like someone else pointed out, if there is going to be a problem it most likely will show by then. Actually, the refurbished I have now is a free replacement I received when my first X-star just 'flew off' and I could not control it as it disappeared. To make the story short, after trying for about 5 - 10 minutes to get it back, I was walking back to the car without the X-star, I heard a loud buzzing coming toward me and the X-star crash landed about 100 feet away. I reported this to Autel, sent it back on their request, and received a replacement. So imho you can rest at ease about the purchase.
  3. Thanks bjtap, that's good to hear. I haven't really heard anything bad about refurbs, just that they were returned to Autel at some point, for some reason. I'm thinking it might be better than new.
  4. I just ordered my refurb also, will post on any problems or satisfaction that happens when I get it. I have to admit, they are ridiculously prompt on getting back to me by phone( on saturday after thanksgiving) on any questions I had and very knowledgable.
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    You're right about that. They have responded very promptly to all of the questions I've ever sent. I have not spoken to anyone on the phone yet. Hopefully I'll never need to but, I have faith their excellent customer service will not disappoint.
  6. This past January my new X Star Premium was a flyaway. After talking to Autel CS they had me send them everything I had left. Case, props, charger, transmitter. They in turn sent me a refurb. While talking to them on the phone, they informed me that not all of the refurbs are actual drones that have been repaired. They open and test fly a certain number of drones from every new shipment they receive for quality control checks. The drone they sent me was one of those test drones. Any way, refurbed or just flown for quality check, they back them fully with a complete warranty.
    LabRat, whenever you need to talk to Autel on the phone you will probably have to leave a voice mail. Their system tells you that someone will contact you within 24 hrs. Every time that I have called, someone called me back within an hour. You will not be disappointed with them. Good luck and good flying with your new drone.
  7. My refurb is scheduled to arrive on Friday. Looking forward to it.
  8. Tracking says mine is due on the 4th. I will probably have a week or so after that before I get to fly it however, it will give me time to check all the firmware, update batteries, and setup the Starlink app. Looking forward to it too!
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  9. My Refurb was supposed to come on friday the 1st, but it showed up this morning UPS. Guess since I am only 250 miles south from Seattle it got expedited. WOW, looks new with no marks, dings or anything. Its been nuthin but rain all day so have not got to go out and fly. Charged and turned everything on in my living room with my Samsung Galaxy Tab E. Starlink App hooked up great and good camera video. A lot easier than I thought ! Motors started ok, but that's as far as I'm gonna go indoors for now. Cant wait for good weather !
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