Keeping track of flight time

Discussion in 'General' started by FF119, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Good Morning Autel Forum peeps!

    Just a quick question mainly for commercial or 107 pilots. Flying the XSP, how are you keeping track of flight time? Are you winging it?! Pun intended :] Stopwatch? The reason I ask I always forget to check what time it is on takeoff, I don't wear a watch for fear of interference. Starlink app shows battery time available I guess you could note the beginning time and deduct from whats left when you land but that sounds like too much work(I'm a KISS method believer!) gotta be a better way!
  2. I use the time on my SD card (video time), I start and stop the video on every takeoff and landing. Plus I make that as part of my checklist so each flight is recorded in the event of a mishap or accident, I can then prove or disprove myself if needed. Then I transfer the video onto a hard drive for safe keeping.

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