Landing accuracy

Discussion in 'EVO' started by Jeffrey R Jackson, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. I have been flying my EVO 2 for a over a month now and noticed the landing accuracy is a hit and miss. Most of what I fly is waypoint mission stuff and having the EVO 2 return and land on its own without my assistance is ideal. I use my drones to monitor fences and occasionally trespassers. I like to start a mission and go about other duties and review video shortly after drone returns. Sometimes I get called out and hope the drone returns and lands in the right spot. Twice now I have had to retrieve the EVO 2 from a top one of the out buildings near my launch site. I asked in an earlier post about the speed limit Autel has on mission flights that so far has gone unanswered. So anyone that reads this and knows a hack or work around to remove speed limit on mission flights would be appreciated too.
  2. Strange that the landing results are so inconsistent. It must not use an optical image from takeoff to confirm the landing location. One would think that a GPS fix on takeoff would get it back within several feet at the worst; Autel claims better GPS resolution than what you are reporting

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