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  1. Had a landing fail this morning after a short flight. Using the auto land feature as usual but this time , just as it touched down it seemed like two of the motors speeded up while the other two slowed down. Tipped it on its side so two props hit the ground and stalled while the other two kept going. I had to pull the "up" toggle right back to kill the motors. Tried it again and takeoff was fine but same thing landing again. So next time I did the manual land. Just brought it down to eye level and grabbed it out of the air while killing the motors. I wonder whats going on?
  2. Auto landing is not something I'd recommend. Any cross wind, non level ground, and even it's own prop wash can cause it to fail during landing. Lower it to just above your head height, walk up and firmly grip the landing gear vertical with your right hand, after you grip it firmly and safely while it's well above your eye height.. hold down in the left stick.

    That is much safer for the bird and still are for you.

    Do not lower it so that the props are at eye height. Should it get hit with a side wind it could remove your eyes efficiently and quickly. Uncool.

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  3. I've never had a problem with auto land up til today. Something caused the two motors to speed up, or else slow down the other two causing it to tip. I can handle the manual landing ok if I have to but I'm wondering what else is going on with it.
  4. It's random in its failure, and no it's not that they fill often or every time, but whenever it feels it can break the blades or possibly put stress on the frame and crack it. That is the reason that I look great deal of us users do not try to land the vehicle. That is why many of us choose to pull it out of the air by hand because that will never feel. Its Randall minutes failure, and no its not that they fill often or every time, but whenever it fills it can break the blades or possibly put stress on the frame and crack it. That is the reason that I love great deal of us users do not try to land the vehicle. That is why many of us choose to pull it out of the air by hand because that will never fail.

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  5. Just curious, were you attempting to land on a high contrast target, like a Launch Pad, or an extremely bright, monochrome surface like new concrete? The manual lists a number of ground conditions that may confuse the ultrasonic sensors that the Starpoint system uses for auto landing. Just wondering if it could have been a situation similar to when an autofocus camera that uses contrast detection to determine range gets confused by a continuous tone surface and "searches" back and forth throughout it's focusing range and still fails to lock. Don't even know if it's possible, but it seems like if the ultrasonic sensors momentarily lost lock right at touchdown, the confusion could potentially create a result like you experienced.
  6. I was landing on grass like I have done many times before. All winter I landed on snow with no sign of this problem. It just suddenly started and I don't think the ground landing conditions were anything different than before. I've landed on snow, gravel roads, dead grass. Never had a fail like that one before. I have not tried it since to see but I also don't like the idea of hitting the ground with two propellers again and possibly damaging it. Might just stick with the hand held landings from now on just to be safe. I'll never trust it again.
  7. That's a perplexing problem, for sure. Hopefully someone at Autel can shed some light on it. That is too important of a function to not be able to reliably use.
  8. Since it appears that I am the only person to ever have this problem, I'm wondering if my drone was damaged at some point or possibly the controller and that is causing landing issues.
  9. Anything's possible with high-tech electronics, there's a lot of really complex stuff going on in really tiny spaces! Is there any possibility that the ultrasonic sensors or the down facing camera lens have any dirt or debris on them? From a technical standpoint I really have no idea how the Starpoint system does its magic, but I do know that the sensors and the lens are very small, and it would seem plausible that any sort of dirt, grass or other material stuck on the protective screens over the sensors or on the lens itself could cause a disruption in the signals used for auto landing.
  10. You are by far not the only person who has experienced this. The majority of us who've had the X-STAR for long have seen it and determined that hand catching is the wisest move if possible. This is something that has been discussed many times.

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  11. Yeah hand catching works but it could be dangerous and to me its worth it. I seldom use the auto land feature how ever I do try it from time to time just to see if it still works. Roosty6 try to land using the controller manually as compared to auto land. This may take some practice but safer than catching the bird especially if your not comfortable grabbing the bird mid air. In the mean time I would contact support about your auto land, it should be working.
  12. I'm getting more confident with hand retrieval. Just descend to within arms reach overhead and grab a skid. Then throttle down and its done. I did it again yesterday. No problems.
    I used to do the manual landing back in the winter on snow but it tipped twice due to uneven ground/snow and it seemed to work better if I chose auto land. Those landing skids could have been a little longer for better landing stability.
  13. I catch mine all the time now. I hover it where it's convienent to grab it. Then walk to it and retrieve. I never try to fly it within reach distance.
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