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  1. Any DIY pads you are using instead of a comercial pad?

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  2. I got about a hour and a half time into this and about 2 bucks into the orange paint. Flat black, cardboard, and wireloom were leftover from other projects but this is my 26" home made landing take off pad.

    FYI the unfinished version of this is on another recent thread (I forget which on though)

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  3. I thought I saw a thread about these on another forum. Turns out it was on this forum. The one you got looks great. I'm planning on making or buying one soon.

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  4. I'll be making one soon out of thin ply wood. Going to make it so it folds up and I might put the Autel logo on it.
  5. That's a good idea. I want a pad that's easily transported in my buggy. Post pics of your creation!!!
  6. So Father bought a pad off eBay for me and I haven't had time to make my own. I was planning on making mine from 1/8 inch plywood with 1"x1" bracings in the center with an outside layer of 1/8 inch plywood. They would basically be hallow in the center and they would have a piano hinge joining the 2 half circles together so it could be folded up. I also have some plastic T molding that I could add to the outside edge. It's nothing that you could stand on that's for sure but I can't see it being over 2 pounds when I'm done. I hope to get started on it this weekend and the hardest part will be making a jig to cut a 4 foot wide circle.
    Here is a Image and link of the one that my father bought me.

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  7. I made one out of plastic, 2ft square. It's too light. If you don't come straight down on it prop wind will move it. I'll redo out of Masonite board or a piece of wall paneling board.

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