Lately been reading up on flyaways

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  1. Anyone have any experience? I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about it.

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  2. I just had a fly away, but.... I was photographing a high tension power line for tree clearing and I really lean towards me getting to close (within 30 or 40 feet) of the wires.

    I initiated a return to home and the bird flew to me crossing the wires at around 30 feet above, it came over my take off point and paused like normal... Instead of starting the decent.... It took and hauled ass away.

    We spent 3 hours hiking the mountains and found it about 3/4 mile away.... Damaged fairly well.

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  3. It happens because of the electrical interference....stay clear.
  4. I have a large power line that goes thru my farm. Was flying close to it today and got the weak signal message onscreen. Moved away and all was good.
  5. First time I went near the wires took me off course All buy itself I initiated it to come home go back across the wires and this is what happened
  6. Ouch.

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  7. Good learning lesson I only broke two props but it did good

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