Lets Build a Long Range Antenna!

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  1. What I know we'll need.

    (2x) RP-SMA Female to MMCX Male Right Angle

    Cable used to connect the controller to two 900 MHz antennas.


    (1x) U.FL Mini PCI to RP-SMA

    Cable used to connect the controller to a 5.8 Ghz antenna.


    This is all I have for now. Still looking at antennas.

    What are you thoughts? Boosters? Large antennas for stationary flight (possibly seated and flying mainly in one direction)? Light antennas for mobile flight (able to move around while following drone)?

    Would you be willing to tear apart your controller?

    Is flying 3 miles enough? :D
  2. I have a spare controller.

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  3. Nice! How did you manage that? I'd like a spare just in case too.
  4. Well I will be on my 4th unit when they send me a new one. I guess droning ain't my thing. I'm a flight risk

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  5. Do you have a working controller that you could part with?
  6. I have been looking at some controllers with long range antenna add-ons trying to determine the best route to run the cables needed for external antennas. The 900Mhz receiver in the controller is located under the Flight Information Panel. The 5.8Ghz receiver is located in the bottom left of the controller, just to the left of the "Hold to Start Motors" button. The 6" length cable readably available would be just enough for the 5.8Ghz to make it out of the normal (left) antenna hole and mount to a fixture that could be mounted to the support arm for the "Device Holder". Another option would be drilling holes in the face of the controller and bringing the SMA connectors up through them, but looking at the internals of the controller I don't see how you could get all three up through without interfering with stuff inside.


    Here is something similar that we would be looking to build that would be for mobile use. This has two 2.4Ghz antennas on the outside with a 5.8Ghz on the inside. Looking for something like this with 900Mhz range has been tough. Anyone want to help?

    My google-fu comes up with weird looking wire antenna similar to this....


    ...or a yagi antenna that I would believe would be best for ultimate long range, one direction flight.

  7. Another thing to think about.

    Manual says....

    Why would you need two antennas to do one thing, but one antenna to do two things?
  8. How far can you fly before the loss of controller link and RTH stops you from going further.

    Manual says 25 minutes for top flight time. Lets be realistic and say 20 minutes.

    Top flight speed of 33 mph, but cut that down big time to an average of 20 mph.

    20 mph for 20 minutes would net you a total flight path of 6.6 miles. That is 3.3 miles out and 3.3 miles back. (Correct me if I am wrong with this math)

    What about selecting a home point 6.6 miles away and being able to see the total flight on your device?
  9. I would be willing to part with knowing I would get to keep the moded controller.

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  10. By the way. That's why I love the parrot bebop series. The app that parrot has is the best of 5 that I have ever used. IMG_1431.JPG this is 16 minute flight at 33mph. My battery is stock at 2100mah. I can get them up to 4000mah!!!

    So even though it is wife and has no range the fact is, I can flight plan without the drone being on, save it, and run it later. Plus they don't limit me. It's crazy fun.

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  11. I was actually looking for a replacement remote for myself just in case things don't go to plan. :D I am not sure the first "prototype" will look pretty after things are said and done. But, if you don't mind getting back a controller without the original antennas attached and just the three cables hanging out to hook up your own antennas too, let me know.

    My plan is to replace one frequency antenna at a time. I think I'll start with the 5.8Ghz, leaving the original wires going to the 900Mhz. In order to do this I'd have to find a path out of the controller for the new cable because both original antennas have a 900Mhz antenna in them. Then switch back to the original 5.8Ghz and try two 900Mhz antennas. The right original antenna is just a 900Mhz so I could feed two line out of that hole while leaving the stock 5.8Ghz on the left. Fly with both different sets and then go full bore with all three aftermarket antennas and note any differences.

    I do have some pieces on order, but they are on a slow boat from China. I went ahead and ordered a couple 900Mhz boosters as well as a 5.8Ghz booster. The 900Mhz boosters even came with Yagi antenna that can be used with or without the extra power. Only draw back is that they have N-Female type connections and I was hoping to stick with SMA. I might have a local lead on a 5.8Ghz panel antenna, but kind of big. Foot by foot in size maybe. It might work well with the 900Mhz yagis as a stationary unit. I'll find out tomorrow after work.
  12. Just received an email with a picture of the 5.8Ghz antenna I am going to look at tomorrow. Guy says it is brand new. I'd upload the pictures he sent, but photobucket is being stupid.

    22dBi gain

    Looks like another N-Female connector though. :(
  13. [​IMG]

    Finally started working again.
  14. Yep, its big. For $10 and I see them going for $50, I'll take it and hope for the best.
  15. Slow boat from China finally showed up with the rest of the cables needed to hook everything up. A test will be conducted Saturday. Wish me luck!
  16. Wish you luck!
  17. Scary and eventful day.

    First test of the new antennas was going to be just that. A short flight to make sure everything was working. I stated before I was going to try the 900Mhz with the stock 5.8Ghz and then flip, but I just went full guns and used all three of the new antennas I bought.

    Even with the drone off to the left of where I had the antennas pointed, there wasn't any issues with connecting to the drone for take off. The battery I had in the drone was at 72% when I took off. After reaching .9 miles away, the battery was down to 57%.


    One second later...battery at 8% and auto landing initiated.


    Luckily, I knew where it was going to land and even luckier, it was in the middle of a field. Found it a few minutes later with the lights still flashing and the camera still recording. Nothing broken or damaged. I can't remember now if it was when I picked it up or when I was shutting off the battery that I saw the second led on the battery flashing with the first still solid.



    Tempting fate, I went back to where I took off from, set up everything again and with another, freshly charged battery, managed to get to 2.94 miles before RTH was initiated.


    This was with nothing more than the antennas, no boosters. Only issue was with video reception here and there. I'd move the antenna holder a smidge and it would be ok for a while longer.

  18. Full flight.
  19. New controller showed up today, so time to see what these stock antennas are made off. Split the two originals in half to show you this!

    Stock right hand 900Mhz antenna. You can't see the metal of the antenna like you can in the other photos dues to the black color, so I sketched what it looks like with a marker.


    Two antennas in one mast on the left. This is the left 900Mhz.


    5.8Ghz on the other side of the left antenna.

  20. Hey #40,
    You might want to have a look at these. I've pre order mine. When I get it I'll let you know how they work. Supposed to double your distance and video link.

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