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  1. I am new to the batters on the XSP, but in the past when dealing with lipo batteries, I have seen them catch fire, are these also prone to doing that and if so, is it wise to get a fireproof bag designed for them ?
  2. It is possible for all lithium batteries to catch fire (not just Li Po). Most fires are caused when the battery is being used when it is placed in a hot environment (such as leaving a cell-phone turned on while storing it in a hot car. However, with good, common sense, most lithium fires can be avoided. (See the internet and do a search for: Preventing Lithium Battery Fires)
    By the way, if you fly with a drone, the FAA not only allows you to fly with your LiPo batteries, but they actually require you to carry-ON the batteries with you, rather than putting them in your checked baggage.
    And yes, fireproof battery pouches are made for drone batteries. They are available from Amazon:
    I have a couple of those pouches and they are great.
  3. I have seen the pouches before, I also fly rc gliders and a friend of mine had one catch on fire while in the air. It was not good, but I didnt know if that has happened before with the ones for the XSP. I will be ordering some pouches, especially if I take it some where that I need to fly to get to.
  4. They have a large variety of pouches on Amazon and they are very reasonably priced. I purchased my pouches before I took my drone on a plane. However, I was actually surprised that neither the FAA or airlines require that Lithium batteries be transported in the fireproof pouches.
    Hmmmm, I've never heard of a drone (of any brand) battery catching fire in the air, but I could be wrong.
  5. It was a glider, but those batteries are also wired and not connected like the XSP

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