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Discussion in 'EVO 2' started by George G, Jan 24, 2021.

  1. Can the Lifthor tablet mount for Evo2 be used with the Alientech Pro signal booster. I have the Alientech on my remote controller and was thinking about getting the Lifthor as well.
  2. Yes, the LifThor tablet holder will work with Alientech Pro on Evo 2 controller. You’ll need to do a little fabrication to mount the booster onto the front LifThor bracket, I think there may be an adapter now to bypass what I did.

    However, Evo 2 controller coupled with both LifThor and Alientech Pro booster is heavy. Need to wear the neck strap provided with LifThor.

    Eventually, Got tired carrying all this weight. Modified LifThor tablet holder removing most of the weight, actually removed a lot of mounting hardware as well lightening up the unit.

    However, took some serious fabrication to make it work. Do I recommend this, not really I don’t recommend this unless you’re okay with removing most of the LifThor mounting hardware.

    Here is my current LifThor setup, minus a lot of hardware material.

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  3. Thanks Paul for your response. Do I need any special tools to do the fabrications you mentioned?
  4. Hello George,

    No special tools needed, the booster will need to mount onto the Lifthor you’ll see what I mean when you mount it all together.

    I think they may include a special bracket now for Evo 2 controller, please ask the distributor you’re getting the Lifthor from.

    Good luck,
  5. Thanks

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