Lines in still photos?

Discussion in 'General' started by rixxie33, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Took some pictures of the sun set. When I got to altitude I had white and black lines showing on the screen.
    Looked like the lines on old prison uniforms.
    I changed the EV to -3 and the lines went away.
    But I could still see the lines like they where on the front of the sun white then black and on and on.
    I did try changing settings but don't know much about flying camera settings.
    Won't be able to download till tomorrow to see if the lines show up in the shot. Or if its just some interference on the tablet.
    It's really the kind of thing I would expect from a video not a still shot.
    I have the stock filter on the camera.

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  2. Hello rixxie33
    Those lines are there to help you figure out the proper exposure setting. You kind of want to have very few lines showing up. Sometimes its hard if there is more white\bright subjects like snow or the sandy beaches. By dialing back the EV as you did you where doing the right thing. Closing off the unneeded light. There are lots of good help pages on digital camera settings. Google it and find your self a good one you understand and bookmark it so you can go back for reference.

    Those lines you saw will not show up in your photos or video. Its easier to adjust a underexposed picture then try to fix a overexposed picture in post.

    Good luck and read up camera settings.


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  4. Correct. Just downloaded into computer no lines.
    Now how do I make the jp smaller as the forum States file is to big.

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  5. I have a program in computer to do it.
    Just need to find it.

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  6. Not sure on the size that is allowed, I had asked the boss man about posting the actually sizes for files and pictures but he must be busy as I have not seen anything posted yet.
  7. It gave me the size limit.
    Of course I forgot already.

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  8. I tried a bunch of different sizes and finally got 844x640 to work.
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  9. That one worked fine.
    How did my post multiple?

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