Linking Starlink app to a used drone

Discussion in 'General' started by Ken, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Hello, Need some help here. I just purchased a used XS premium. I downloaded the Starlink app to my mini Ipad, logged on, connected to the drone and did a dry run without blades to test the camera, video, general operation, etc. All seems great. All the functions and buttons operated well. My question, there is a place in the settings where it asks if I want to "bind" the app to the drone and when I went through the bind process it says it is already bound to the previous owner. Ok, anyone know how I can bind it to my app? Do I really need to "bind" it? Seems to be reading the app and working well without it. But, I don't know and don't want to take off and have the thing fly off on me.

    I emailed Autel a couple of days ago, they said they would contact previous owner to verify the sale and that I would need to delete my app and start over. That was 3 days ago, Autel has not gotten back to me yet, I contacted the previous owner and they have not contacted him either. Bottom line, can I operate the drone without having it bound to my Ipad app?
  2. You should be fine. Binding is a process done initiallly between the drone and the RC. The previous owner must have done this already to fly it. Once done it should not need to be done again. You don’t need to “bind” the Starlink app to the RC as they are physically connected via the USB cable.
  3. Thx Bigbit, Autel just emailed. The binding, evidently, only has to do with registration stuff. They say it is good to fly without binding and they will update the registration next week so it links / binds to me. Whew.....all set to fly this thing tomorrow.
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