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Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by paul holt, Jul 26, 2016.

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  2. Love that vid Paul. Makes me happy to see people getting such range on a stock transmitter. I can't wait to see some range mod hacks.
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  3. I have yet to feel comfortable enough to fly out of line of sight (just purchased last week) ... I noticed a bit of video lag at 600 feet distance but I was in a residential area. Have you noticed any video lag long distances?
  4. I've gone out .62 mile or 1 km. No break up or lag until I turned it around to return. I chalk that up to being the provided USB cable. I've since upgraded to a better cable and have had no break up in video. I too fly in a residential area but being that the video downlink is 900mhz on the Premium version, there shouldn't be much interuption from houses
  5. That was meant to be a reply to Ckmerc
  6. thanks for the reply eric.... good point. the only lag I notice is indeed when I turn around. if I am going straight in any direciton or just up or down...no lag. only when I turn or pan around. again...when I am about 600 feet away or so....and in residental neighborhood. AUtel said this can happen with wifi interference. they recommended I put antenas out on the remote...which I did and it got better as I used to get video lag at 400 feet or so when I panned around in residential.

    I will trying making sure I have an "apple" cable vs. aftermarket one (am using an iphone). I have yet to test in a non residential area at long distances (soccer field...etc) to see if I get video break up.).

    Have you flown out of line of sight yet eric?
  7. Great run Paul! Your run is well known, but I'm coming after it :)

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  8. Hello Quagmire...awesome video. wow 2 miles out. so you obviously have flow out of line of site. do you experience any video lag / distortion in a straight line? how about when you turn around?. Don't you get nervous regarding equipt. and not being able to recover it?
  9. Nicely done! I have yet to fly much further than 5 tenths of a mile. I think it has to do with my flying in the middle of my neighborhood / city. That's about all the farther I get then the video pixelates then soon after I get the lost rc connection message.
  10. Hey Ckmerc, thanks man. There were no irregularities or issues with that flight, I was impressed and nervous, should of heard me yapping while it was happening. Turning around will be done on my next run as I hear that would be a better test of radio connection at that distance. I didn't even know I was going to try that until I started backing up, just went with it and thought 2 was enough. Next run is planned as opposed to this one. The green line is the 2 mile run, the red is the next plan, which will either start from the same dock or down at the light house (where the star is shown), but the plan is to bridge the land.
    egmont1 copy.png No risk, no reward!

    Thanks CFD3Capt! No doubt, these long runs are only good over land boonies or water apparently. I've never been more than 3300' away in a suburb without a connectivity issue or at least warning beeps without loosing connection.
  11. It's really great to hear about other people's experiences with their drones. I am so eager to get started with my own and I'm still doing research on which one is best for me.
  12. hey marc buddy

  13. The phantom 3 operate on 2.4gh, the Xstar operates on 5.8gh and 900mh. So they will not be comparable. Besides making a parabolic or corner reflector it a bit more complicated, I question the effectiveness of these even on 2.4gh.
  14. No Viagra in my XSP :)
  15. don't worry will be doing close to 4 very soon lol
  16. all balls no mods on mine
  17. What orientation of the antenna on the controller are you using?

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