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  1. You're right. Just grabbed the remote and the only way they can be situated is with the edges facing you. There also seems to be a detent that will hold them where they are supposed to be, as pictured in the manual.
  2. Man I am frustrated. No matter what environment I go to, once I reach between .5 and .7 miles, I lose connectivity to the controller. I have recently tried it with complete line of sight (although my eyes were not actually good enough to see it, there were absolutely no obstructions) and I still lost controller connectivity at 0.7 miles. Could I be doing something wrong? Antenna facing straight up. Do you think I need to send everything in to Autel to have it checked out (ugh)?
  3. And you have your distance setting off?
  4. Yes I do. I checked that the last time I flew.
  5. What did Autel have to say? Did you try a different location? Maybe interference where you're flying from?
  6. Well I damaged my gimbal on a tree branch last week so the whole drone is going back to Autel tomorrow. It's already all packed up. I hate that they said it would be 18-21 days before I get it back. At any rate, while they are checking the minor damage from the crash, I asked them to see if there was some technical reason I was not getting the distance I should. I would actually love to find out that it's something I'm doing because then I could change what I'm doing and fix the issue. I got 0.75 miles over open water. That's it.
  7. Let me know what they say. Curious. Not alot of mods for the x-star prem as of antenna. Amazing drone though
  8. When Autel had my drone to repair the minor crash damage I had, I asked them to check everything out due to the problem of losing connectivity in short distances. They reported that in addition to repairing my crash damage that they also replaced a transmitter in the drone. They reported that they tested my drone at 1.5 miles without loss of either video or controller connectivity. I got the drone back yesterday but didn't have time to fly it. I hope to do so after work today although I won't have time to get to a good open area so it will just be a preliminary testing using the drone and my Nvidia Shield K1 tablet.
  9. Siting on pins and needles waiting for the outcome.
  11. Well yesterday I ran a VERY preliminary test of the drone since getting it back. It took off right in front of my house and I flew it around residential and commercial areas. I did not have time to go to an open area. Given that test, I saw no difference in performance with the new transmitter they say they put in. I got to about 1500 feet away and starting losing the controller, freezing of the video, just all around lousy operation. Autel said they flew my unit to 1.3 miles but I don't know under what conditions. I certainly realize that the conditions I flew under yesterday were far from optimal flying conditions. When I can (probably not until Sunday) I will take it out to the water (channel near me) and test it line of sight over open water. That's as interference free as I can get it. I will see what happens then. Gonna be holding my breath waiting for antenna mods to come out for the XSP.
  12. First test keeping the tips of the antennas pointed at the craft and I was able to double what I did the last time I flew in this area. Probably could have gone a hair further.

  13. Out of my back yard I consistently get 2 + miles. But it is the ultimate set up. You can see my house on the right in the last five seconds here.

    And this one is fun too, the video is just f'ed up.

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  15. Nice! I'm able to get about 4000 feet in my subdivision! I sold my P3P to get the Autel XStar Premium and I'm glad I did. I love it!
  16. I too am having video issues at about .5 mi out. Clear line of site. Using my iPhone with out wifi enabled. My remote remains connected. Just keep getting video loss and alerts video interference. Kind of annoying.
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  17. Yeah this gas been happening for a while now with my xsp.. I'm sure an update will fix if not looks like I may be modifing my 900mhz video downlink. Lol
  18. My modified antennas didn't help with the drops and alerts.
  19. You mind show and telling what you did to mod your antennas? I haven't really seen anything out there as of yet.

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