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  1. DBS MODS just came out with one. I received mine today. Model number ITE-DBS06.7B

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  2. Sorry for the beginner questions guys but after reading this thread I had a couple related questions. First, what happens when you lose connection during flight if you are pushing the limits as far as distance? Does it continue to fly the same direction and speed you were before losing connection? Is it something that starts to happen intermittently so you can turn it around? Just curious. Thanks
  3. If you lose controller link, it will initiate a return to home on its own.
  4. Hi to all. I'm a beginner user. The topic is very interesting but I don't understand 100%.

    Can you please bring a summary and share the best setting.
  5. "DBS MODS just came out with one. I received mine today. Model number ITE-DBS06.7B"

    Any update on the success of your mod? Really wanting to extend the range of my new X-star premium. This video is a recent river run along the Shenandoah but only got out to about 2300ft. I guess the electric lines and the trees interfered too much. I've been able to fly over 1 mile out but I always lose video and have to fly GPS at some point.
  6. I'm curious about the long distance flights. The FAA rules state that we must maintain unaided visual contact with the craft at all times. How is that possible with flights of these distances?

  7. Really, really good eyes...
  8. 20 20 vision. Lol

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  9. for what controler? I went to their web page cant find one for the Autel radio?
  10. ITELITE.com

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  11. anyone have the itelite mod? Virginia is a rather wooded state and the best I can do is about a mile.
  12. Well I figured by now someone would have tried the, ITELITE DBS MAX UPGRADE FOR AUTEL X-STAR PREMIUM DRONE ONLY, 900MHZ, so I have ordered one and will keep you all updated with the install, and use of the anteena as this mod unfolds.
  13. There is a report on here. Claimed 4.5 miles. :rolleyes:
  14. There is a guy on Youtube (smooth69) who has a 20 minute video showing the installation of the Itelite DBS antenna on a X Star Premium (quite a bit more then the mod on DJI), the one thing I don't like about the mod is the on most transmitters (different brands) the antenna leads come out of the top or the back, but on the Autel the come out the front of the transmitter, and IMO it just doesn't look that clean. I watched a video where the installer contacted the antenna dealer and ordered longer antenna leads so that he could route the antenna cables differently along him to come out the top of the Transmitter (or the back if preferred). I think I will open the Transmitter and using a piece of wire determine the lengths needed to have the anteena leads come out of the top or back (I'll have to determine where I want them so that they are not interfering with anything else) then order the proper length cables.
  15. Straight out over the ocean.

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  16. A 6" lead will get the 5.8 Ghz out of the original antenna holes. The 900 Mhz is so close that 3" would be enough with room to spare.
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  17. WiFi is very touchy and I would like to ask the following questions. This might help some people if they are having issues with range.

    Your average range?
    Is wifi or Bluetooth turned on the device you are using, phone or tablet?
    Are you transmitting a wifi hotspot from your device?
    Using wifi analyzer app on a android device are you near routers with signal strength of -40 to -70 ?
    Large metal buildings to radio towers?
    How high are you flying?

    I know a few things about wifi and have played with making antennas for 2.5 and 5 ghz. I currently beam my internet signal over to my neighbors house with directional antennas. The last two times I flew in front of that beam I lost the video feed for a quick sec or two. What I'm getting at is you might not see what's going on around you or what's going on where the drone is flying to. When I'm at work we use a wifi analyzer to determine the best location for devices and to find where interference is coming from. Next time you fly try using a analyzer on a android device or a windows pc. They won't see the 900 MHz range :( but the only people using 900 will be police and cell towers I think.
  18. I have it installed on mine and was able to get 2.7 miles out. It is a highly populated area with plenty of interference. Prior to install I was only getting 8 tenths of a mile. So the mod worked for me
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