Lost Drone Location.

Discussion in 'EVO' started by cappy, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Read where 'other' manufacturer has built into their software a process that shows last location of the drone when it has lost it's connection, (while in the GPS mode) and stops flying. Anybody know if EVO software have a similar feature? Seems like that would be handy if operating on 2.4 WiFi.
  2. Yes it does. Same as the xsp it will RTH if connection is lost.

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  3. I may be mis-interpreting but I do not believe you are asking about if EVO has rth. Are you asking if the EVO goes down is there a way to 'see' the location where it went down. If that is the case, and I sure hope those who know better than me will chime in, I believe the answer is yes. When I suffered the dreaded battery drop with my X-star and it landed with no rth, I was asked to go into the remote control to replay that flight (to see the actual sudden battery drop). While there, if I remember correctly, a map of the area was recorded...so I believe the answer is yes, I believe the EVO will show last location. Now, those who know more than I (which is just about everybody), please correct this if I am wrong. (You might want to ask Autel customer service the question directly).
  4. Not sure about the evo but I know the xstar has this feature.

  6. That answers my question, thanks. Have to fly on occasions surrounded by tall trees and worried about losing the 2.4 gig signal. Disappointing they pulled the 900 MHz. feature, but still bought and paid for an EVO.

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