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  1. Hello from Inverness, FL, unofficial home of Geriatrics Are Us. Wonderful little town, old courthouse square, veteran's day is a big deal and the best breakfast in town is The Hen House.

    Just me and the Mean-Old-Woman, 53 years worth. Lost my SEL cert. and sold our beautiful Cessna 182 when they put the metal valve in my heart. They couldn't take the thrill of looking down away from me, though. Now I gotta fly from the ground - steep learning curve on that, also. Much to learn, many stupid questions to ask.

    Looking forward to lotsa years with my brand new drone. Had it about a week (b.t.w. - came with current loads in it, for whatever good that information is to anyone). Still quite active with the sheriff's office, the local symphonic band, the MOW and now my new drone. Hopefully it will be a good long while before I get my next set of 'wings'.

    Thanks in advance for helping an old fella out. Bless you all - be safe.
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  2. You'll fit right in here. I'd hate to know the average age..... I'm 65, been retired 5 years. Got my drone last March. Have crashed 3 times. Best part about crashes as a drone pilot is no blood. :)
  3. Welcome to the forum, I too had to quit flying a Cessna 152 because of my M.S. affliction so now with the drone I can quit flying with my mind and enjoy the scenery we loved to enjoy.
    I'm sorry I'm not sure what you meant about the current loads.
    I assume you got the X-Star Premium and did you get the latest Beta Firmware? so far many including myself have installed it and love how the drone flies well with it.
    Do you have a spare or two batteries if so they each have to be updated including the original one .
    There is plenty of information on this site but feel free to ask us anytime you need pointers.
    Looking forward to see some of your videos, ovrszd has quite a good collection.


  4. I too welcome you. While I was never a pilot I am a 70 year old who just started droning a few months ago.
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