Low battery, auto "return to home"?

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  1. Posting a question received via the contact form...

    I am interested in this awesome drone and I would like to know if this drone returns to home by itself when it detects low voltage or would the operator have to press the RTH function?
  2. It returns home when 20% battery left
  3. It will also return home when it calculates that you are close to the battery level that is required to make it back home. For example, if the X-Star is a mile away, it might start home at 30 or 35%, earlier than it would if the X-Star was much closer. A few days ago, I was taking some pictures and it started home. I canceled it and stayed a very short (10-15 seconds) while then headed home, dropping altitude as it came back. Just after, or maybe a few seconds before it touched down, the critical battery warning was raised.
  4. I did not know that! Is this documented some where, if it is not it should be. That is a very good feature. I had spoken to Autel about this feature but never heard back.
  5. It's in the manual on page 33, under "Failsafe".
    Also, I haven't tried it but the "Low Battery Warning/Go Home" level can be set from 25% to 50%., with a default of 25%. The "Critical Low Battery Warning" can be set from 10% to 25%, with a default of 15%. These are set in the Starlink "Aircraft Battery Settings page.

    It's easy to overlook things in the manual. I called Autel's support line one Saturday afternoon. There was an icon on the Waypoints panel, where the Favorites star is. When I touched it, the album was brought up. We had some miscommunication because I was telling him that I couldn't Save the route and he thought I was talking about the saving the waypoints when the route is "Start"ed. He wasn't familiar with Waypoint Favorites. I told him it was in the manual but very easy to overlook. I think it deserves a paragraph of its own. The manual mentions, "you can command the aircraft to fly along the route you have saved in Favorites, or create a new route", but "Tapping on the Star in upper right corner will save the current route into Favourites." is at the end of #4 on page 49.

    While we were talking, I tried to bring up the manual on my tablet and I noticed that the icon was still in the same place on the screen, so it wasn't a Starlink problem. I restarted the phone to get rid of it.
  6. Well I'm embarrassed. I always preach RTFM and somehow missed this one.
    Thanks Tom

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