Lowest temperature you've flown XSP

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  1. I know it's not recommended I believe below 33 degrees Fahrenheit to file your XSP. Personally I've flown mine in about 32 degrees Fahrenheit never below. But out of curiosity I'm wondering what's the lowest temperature you flown your drone in. Did you notice any issues when you flown below 32 degrees Fahrenheit?

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  2. If I had to wait for recommended temps i would never fly during the winter. -20 C is about what I can take. Usually the wind chill is double that. So -20 C is -4F.

    I need to get one of these. :)

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  3. You've flown in temps that low

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  4. Yup, even lower with my Yuneec Q500. Not long as your fingers get cold real fast but yes I have. :)

    Here is a good video on cold weather flying.

  5. 13 degrees F today, the battery acted normal and flight time want cut noticably short.

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  6. What I have been doing is taking the battery and placing it on the defrost vent in my truck. Turn the defrost onto high for 5 minutes and the battery is nice and toasty warm. That way I am not sitting around in hover waiting for my battery cold warning to go away. Once flying the battery generates its own heat so you are good to go.
  7. ^^^ Yep, same here. And assemble the thing in the heated vehicle.

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  8. I've flown mine in 15 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill at around 5 degrees here in Wisconsin. We get some really gusty winds so I only put her up for about ten minutes. She handles OK but I'm afraid of having ice form on the props and it crashing. I usually fly it fpv, and can tell when it's really struggling and get her down. It also cut my flight time to about 12 min before I'm at 25% battery.
    Any temp above 25° f, no problems as long as the air is not to heavy with moisture
  9. I keep mine stored inside so battery pretty much stays room temp. Took it out the other day at about 32degrees. Let battery warm at a hover then flew for the full battery.

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  10. Since I bought mine in December almost all the flying I have done has been below 33F. I've done some at below zeroF but my fingers freeze up long before the battery is done. Otherwise it works fine.

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