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  1. Hello all.....last week the FCC (USA) gave the go-ahead for LTE-U operations in the 5 GHz WiFi band. What this means is that commercial wireless carriers (Vz, ATT, TMo, Sprint, etc) now have the legal right to operate within the unlicensed 5GHz band. This has immediate interference implications for 5GHz WiFi and possibly anything else operating within this band. The X-Star Premium uses 5GHz for control so in the near future this may in fact become a problem for anyone operating close enough to a commercial cell site equipped with LTE-U. It may take a few months for carriers to roll out LTE-U and supply customers with upgraded phones so please be aware of the issue as we get closer to the summer months. T-Mobile has already publicly committed to operating within the 5GHz band in the near term!
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