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  1. No matter where I go lately, all I get is Magnetic Interference. Even in spots I've flown before. I spoke with Benjamin at Autel and he suggested that maybe my cell phone was causing the issue. I guess the drone/controller use 5.8Ghz and most modern phones have 5Ghz support. Not sure if those frequencies overlap or not but it was worth a try.

    So I tried a couple of spots without anything in any of my pockets and still could not get cleared for takeoff. I am assuming the 5.8Ghz being used is the same frequency band that almost every current router supports in every house, etc. (not sure if I'm correct on that). If so I wonder why they picked that frequency since it seems to me at least that everywhere there would be devices putting out that frequency.

    At any rate, I don't live on a farm or even near one. I am not near the ocean. I don't want to fly the drone over a crowded park. So I don't know where to go to fly the damn thing. Spots I've used in the past aren't working anymore.

    Anybody have any ideas? I'm not hopeful that you do but I know there are people in this forum with vastly more experience with all this than me. I am a techie but a newbie at this hobby. How much trouble do you guys have with magnetic interference which prevents you from flying?
  2. Belt Buckle? I had same problem in beginning until I removed cell & all metal from my person before walking onto a large patch of grass to calibrate my compass. Once the calibration was done, I had no more issues with that.

    I have heard some say that they were unable to solve this issue in beginning until performing a firmware update.
  3. I guess I can test the belt buckle theory. I have removed everything else. Are you saying you perform the calibration routine even though the controller is saying magnetic interference? I haven't tried that. Once it says magnetic interference I have been just stopping and giving up in that location.

    I am running the latest firmware. In fact I am getting magnetic interference in locations I have flown before without incident.
  4. I tried to do mine at a local church for my maiden in the parking lot. No matter where I tried it there, I had magnetic Interference. Stripped all metal & devices from my person & still had it. Carried X-Star away from the Asphalt & Concrete to center of a 50'x200' lawn area & performed a compass calibration. Took me three times to do it right because I didn't read instructions first. Once compass was calibrated, did my maiden from there and all subsequent flights from parking lot with all my devices & metal belongings on my person without issue.
  5. Have you talked to Autel since Benjamin suggested you removed your cell phone? You are getting the magnetic interference error message, right?
    Here are some things you could try:
    • Let someone else try to calibrate. I doubt that they will be able to if you aren't, but it is something to try.
    • Calibrate while naked.
    • Try calibrating near something with a lot of steel in it, or a magnet, then move well way from it. The change in magnetic fields might do something.

    I think you're in at least one of the Autel X-Star Facebook groups. IIRC, others are having similar problems, but I don't remember any details or if anyone had found a workaround.
  6. I admit I have never even tried to calibrate while getting magnetic interference. I thought if it said magnet interference you were basically finished with that location. I didn't even know I could try to calibrate with that message on the screen. I will try some more things as soon as I can.
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  7. You all are great! I never even knew you could perform a calibration with the controller indicating magnetic interference. You were right. As soon as I performed the calibration, the magnetic interference warning went away and I had my best flight so far.

    It was interesting, at about 2000 feet from me, I lost controller connectivity but not video connectivity. I actually watched the video while the drone turned around and headed for home. I always thought you would lose video long before losing the controller. Is what I experienced odd?
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  8. There are two antennas on the remote for a reason. One side is your bidirectional control link. The other side is the video down-link that is receive only.
  9. I understand that. What puzzled me is losing connection to the remote BEFORE losing video. I thought the connection to the remote used a frequency that would hold on longer than the one used for the video feed. 5.8Gz vs 900Mhz.
  10. I would much rather have it happen that way than to lose video while I was flying around way out there having to bring it back blind.
  11. I totally agree. I just thought it odd that it happened that way.
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  12. I got a magnetic interference warning after landing on my deck. Could it be from the decking screws? ..I'm unsure of the sensitivity. The only other flat land i have, the septic leach field, has a trampoline about 25' away with the tall metal pipes for safety net. How concerned do i need to be? My worry is it is ok but then isn't shortly after take-off. (saw youtube vid of a phantom flying crazy over harbor with a huge steel ship in it.)
    loving this drone.
  13. So far I only get those inside the house.
    On my q500 I used to get compass errors, just enough to trigger a alarm. Most alarms where about less then a second. This might be what you are experiencing. Kind of a false positive.
  14. OK, I will worry a little less..
  15. I know nothing on the magnetic issue except there is a possibility you are placing your drone near a large speaker magnet when you are not flying. People with drones may also be into excessive stereo components. I have old floor speakers and they are heavy due to large magnets near the floor.
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  16. Car speakers can do the same thing. Smart packing helps :)

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