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  1. I've only flown my XSP on four separate occasions, but I believe I'm getting more instances of magnetic interference each time I fly....the last time being so annoying that I didn't even make it through one battery!!! The first three times I flew at a very open spot at a local park, and the last time at a soccer field at a local high school. I don't see any power lines or cell towers close by. I guess I need to try another spot, but I want something very open, since I'm so new at this, and I'm having a difficult time finding places close by. The app says my firmware is up to date.

    Just curious if it's operator error or if anyone else has had similar issues or can tell me what else I need to check or do.

  2. Concrete looks like a good launch point but it usually has steel rebar grid that causes problems. I have never had magnetic interference without metal very close by.
  3. Thanks for replying! Both places I've flown were in the middle of a field, using a Hoodman landing pad.
  4. Call customer service, I understand they are very helpful, I have heard of no unresolved issues. You get a lot of good info here but the experts are best and they can address warranty issues. Good luck.
  5. Thanks! I sent an email but thought I'd try this as well. I agree that they are extremely helpful and have used the call in option a couple of times so far. Haven't tried emailing them before, so thought I would do that this time.
  6. Tim and Andrew at Autel were able to help me resolve my magnetic interference issues. One of the issues I was having with calibrating the compass was that it would pass the horizontal portion of turning around with the drone flat, but would fail after turning it downward. Tim suggested that instead of moving in a circle, to just stay in one spot and rotating the drone in front of me. I had to modify that when it didn't work for me, by turning around with it, but moving it up, down, and around, at the same time. By doing that I was able to get a good calibration. I calibrated it several times, in different locations, and then flew it at the same park I was previously having interference issues at. Didn't have one problem through a four battery outing!! So I had assumed that because I loaded the beta firmware, that I didn't need to calibrate, which isn't necessarily the case. When in doubt, calibrate I guess, although Andrew said it's not necessary unless the Starlink app tells you to. I haven't received a reply yet on how the app notifies you to calibrate.

    Hope this helps someone else as well.
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