Maiden Flight of My Refurb XSP

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    Flew my "new" refurbished XSP's maiden flights yesterday. I flew all four of the batteries I have and averaged between 18 to 20 minutes of flight. I was out some distance so I believe I would have had a little more time if I had stayed closer to the home point. The XSP is always calculating battery life vs how long it will take to return home if necessary. I noticed I was getting low battery warnings at 38% or 35% even though I have the software set to 25%. I had more time before warnings as I stayed closer to home. As to distance, I was able to get to 0.62-miles before my video chopped out. I did completely lose the video a couple of times but the distance varied. Once it happened at the most distant (0.62-mile), and again at a shorter distance of somewhere between 2100-2300 feet. I did get the "video signal weak" warning many times during the four flights, some at shorter distances less than 1500 ft. When most of the warnings occurred, I never lost a live video view, only at much greater distances did that happen. Video did recover as the XSP returned home and as it got closer I was able to cancel RTH and continue flying. Note that for most of the flights I was at altitude of 350-375 feet over a large, open field. The closest buildings are apartments that were right at where my max distance would be, around the 0.6-mile mark. To my east is a retirement village and I did not fly in that direction as it is only about 700-feet to the nearest complex. A couple of times the Star Link app disconnected as well and the XSP returned home. Speaking of RTH, it works superbly. Each time I allowed the XSP to return and land on its own, it did so to within a foot or so of the actual takeoff point.

    I got no magnetic interferences at all even though I purposely calibrated the compass near my truck once.

    Never lost GPS.

    The XSP is fast both in linear flight, and climbing. Much faster than I'm used to with the Q500 or X380 I've been using. A few times I could see the propellers in the recorded video but, that was only when the gimbal was as far up as it will go. I never saw a prop when I had the gimbal angled down even slightly. It will take a bit of getting used to but the XSP really is easy to fly and handles effortlessly. Manual landing was easy and I had no problems doing it although I really like the automatic landing function better. It's soooo smooooth!

    The camera is pretty darn good too. I only used 1080p video and JPG 16:9 (or whatever it is) for stills. The results of both were to me, outstanding. I do this just for fun and really have no need for 4K... yet.

    Having the flight telemetry on the controller is a blessing too. Even when the video was lost, I could still see how the XSP was doing and guide it back manually if needed.

    I am going to upgrade my cable for the controller to device to a better and shorter one. It may help with some of the video issues.

    The device I'm using is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 7-inch.

    Last word: Awesome machine! Get one!
  2. Sounds like fun. I'm supposed to receive my XSP today. It may be too windy to fly though. It's supposed to be gusting to 32 mph according to the weatherman. I hope I do as well as you on my first flights.
  3. Lab Rat,
    I agree, I am extremely pleased with the performance of my refurb XSP. RTH worked for me twice when I kind of purposely lost contact. It happened once when I took off from between a metal sided barn and a wood barn about 25 ft apart with a power line between them and 3 cars in close proximity, I was sweating bullets, but it navigated right over the spot and landed amidst all of that,,Impressed,,, I have been ignoring the "video interference" warning cause I don't lose any video feed at all. Looking forward to see what comes out of CES 2018 this January fro Autel.
    Glad to hear your Maiden Voyage was a success !!
  4. Yep... 32-mph would be a bit too windy! Of course anytime you get a new toy like this, it's almost a guarantee of bad weather for at least a week!

    Flying the XSP is fun! I have experience with other birds so I wasn't too nervous about getting a little bold with it the first time out. If you are experienced, try some distance, if not just take it easy and get to know the XSP's personality before venturing too far.

    Love your avatar! It looks similar to images of Jupiter I've taken with my own telescopes. You know, getting any new optical toys is much like getting a new drone in that it will be a given there will be a month of clouds before being able to use it!

    Fly safe and have fun!
  5. I didn't mention above that I am also using Master Airscrew propellers for Autel.

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