mail by drone? how do you feel about it?

Discussion in 'General' started by BeautifulBree, May 29, 2016.

  1. I have heard that drones are delivering some mail now. How do you feel about this? My mail is always getting messed up by the post man. I'm not sure if I could trust a drone to do a better job. What if the mail broke free and got lost? Some people shoot drones down and they could take my mail if that did. Hmmmm?
  2. I think it's a great idea, but there are definitely a lot of people out there who would see a drone delivering a package, they might be tempted to take it down. It's basically an unmanned machine that you would see in your neighborhood, and I probably would guess that it would make people tempted to throw rocks at it. I mean, it would speed up the delivery process, streamlining it, and you wouldn't have to hire delivery people again since you are replacing them with machines, but again, we have to consider the human factor that would probably be an obstacle to these flying drones.
  3. I can foresee a lot of problems with this too. Personally, I am not sure I would want to trust a robot with the mail that I send let alone receive. I run a small home business, and while I do ensure my packages, my items are all handmade, which means that even if I am compensated for a loss or damage, I still have to remake the products, and that is a lot of time and effort invested. I wonder how safely a drone can really carry packages?

    Further, it does upset me a little bit that so many people might lose work because of this. I don't want robots to take over everything. They are useful, creative, and fun, but they should stay in their place, IMO.
  4. Why don't they pass a law that says that it's illegal to shoot down a drone. I think that would solve a lot of our problems. As for drones delivering mail, I think that is a great idea. It would certainly take a lot of the human error out of the whole mail delivering process.
  5. Drones delivering mail should (obviously) have security measures such as being bullet-proof. Perhaps they should also fly in groups where a larger, very secure, "mothership drone" releases the smaller ones that will deliver the mail individually, with constant monitoring of both.

    I'd think they would develop the technology so the drones can always stay at considerable heights then let the packages fall through as straight as possible to the ground, then once the person receives the package, they'd retrieve the delivering vector back to the drone.
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  6. Drones delivering mail.... Nice concept, but I don't think that is ready fro prime time yet... too many logistical problems...
    Having one drone whiz by someone, especially if its piloted by a new pilot, is probably a reason for concern, then you multiple that with several/bunches of drones whizing by people. that may be too alarming...
  7. In most places, email delivery by drone would be very inefficient. Although a mail truck/car is fairly heavy the cost to deliver to one person is the cost to move the vehicle from the previous mail stop, + labor costs. Sending individual mail deliveries from the post office via drone would be much more expensive. It would be more feasible to deliver mail to people who are isolated.
  8. Well I would have to think that it would be limited in terms of what kinds of packages or letters are getting shipped this way, because I certainly do want the lousy ads that I get flown in via drone....that would just feel too weird. Overall I think that I like the idea, but logistically I am guessing that we are a long way off, at least from anything that resembles what we are all picturing.
  9. It seems like convencional mail delivery personnel can keep their jobs for a little while more. Mail drone implementation would require to introduce new jurisdictions in order to ensure a proper mail delivery without much issue I hope. The security concerns can be solved with integrated surveillance cameras to
    spot any crime commited to the drone, like spotting someone responsible of shooting down the drones for example.
  10. lol, we're going to be our own "alien invasion" force

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