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  1. Hello from Canada.

    My XSP is on order, looking forward to the fun, but now I have a dilemma.
    I was advised my iPad (2nd Gen)(WiFi only) will not fit the controller clamp as it is 10” and that is too large, so out to purchase an 8” Samsung Galaxy Tab A (WiFi only) I go. I do not want to use my LG Galaxy A5 cell as the screen is small.
    Here in lies my issue, do I load my maps at home before I go out to fly, how does the StarLink app recognize them, or do I turn my cell phone into a hotspot to connect the Tab A to download maps. Thanks.
  2. If you are getting a tab A make sure it is the 2016 model with octacore, the other one has bad lag. I have not been able to get starlink to see downloaded maps.
  3. X-Starman,

    Thanks for the info. My purchase was based on the Autel list of compatible products.
    So I guess I will need a tablet with 3G for data, may have to revert to my LG cell phone.
  4. I could use my cell for orbit and waypoint and the Tab A for for free flight fpv.
  5. Turn your phone into a hot spot and it will download the maps for you. Use the Tab A for everything. Once it has been downloaded, you won't have to connect to your phone again the next time you are out.
  6. BTW, my 10" Tab A fits the holder.
  7. I use a Galaxy Tab A Quad core and was able to get Starlink to display a satellite google map by accessing google maps in satellite view at my home wifi network and scroll the map imagery to areas where I commonly fly. I then opened Starlink at same time and the google map imagery was displayed on the Starlink map. I scrolled around in there as well to ensure the map was displayed where I fly. Closed Google maps and the maps stayed up in Starlink. Since then the map imagery has come up in Starlink where I fly with no wifi access.
  8. Thanks guys, loads of support on these forums.
  9. I use the same procedure as TPAT591 except I've noticed I don't have to have google maps open.....I just zoom out on the display at home to get a decent sized area then its available again later on in the app.....I use this method because I put my Android device in airplane mode while operating the X-Star...if I don't I get video link interference warnings.....just make sure that map caching is enabled in Starlink and it works like a champ.

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