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  1. When I change my screen to map view all I see is a white blank screen with the position markers. I never see the aerial view.

    Reason I'm trying to use it is for "Orbit" mode. So when I switch screens I don't see the ground scenery to select the "new" object I want to orbit.

    What am I doing wrong??
  2. Figured it out. When you switch from camera view to map view you have three choices of views. Normal, Hybrid, Satellite. My controller defaults to Normal view. Not sure what it would be used for. All I get is a blank screen with my position and the Drone's machine pinned on the screen.

    To the right side of the screen appears icons with different purposes. The lower right icon is "Map View", looks like a stack of papers. Let's you select which view you prefer. Selecting Satellite gives you an aerial of your location.

    Then tap the "fly" icon and go into Orbit function and select the location you want the Drone to Orbit around and follow the rest of the setup choices.

    Here's some pics of the Operator's Manual where I found this information. Pages 42 and 43.

    Think maybe I'll spend this rainy day studying the manual and applying the knowledge to the Drone functions........ :)

    20170329_095402 (1280x720).jpg 20170329_095416 (1280x720).jpg 20170329_095425 (1280x720).jpg

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