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  1. I just wanted to share my story with the Marco Polo tracker. Last December i purchased my bird and a marco polo tracker. My first day flying, i got a magnetic interference warning at 200 ft.up, 400 ft. out and went into atti mode, i looked up and all i could see was the bright sun, hit the sticks but could not see the drone (oh crap! I just lost my new bird). Being a brand new pilot, i had no idea where it went, i drove around for an hour within a 1/2 mile radius with no tracking results. I was about ready to give up when i got a beep on my Marco polo hand unit. I followed the tracker about a 1/2 mile and found my bird on someones roof just hours before a major snow storm came in. I think the reason i didn't get a signal earlier is because the drone battery was still powered on. It must have died, when it did i was able to track it. Now i have a Trakimo with gps for cell covered areas and the Marco Polo for mountain flying. Yes guys, these trackers work great and well worth the money. I have included pictures of where i mounted both units and installed a electrical hollow plug in my case and drilled a hole so the antenna will fit. Happy and safe flying!!!

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  2. Many thanks for your comment on the Marco Polo, I have ordered one and still awaiting for it.
  3. Your welcome Normex, it works great if you don't have cell coverage & will get to your bird within a few feet. If your flying with cell coverage then the Trackimo works best. I fly in both situations, so that's why i use both trackers.
  4. I just received mine and I noticed I got the Pet version instead of the RC version, do you know the difference between the two?

    many Thanks
  5. Normex: The hand held unit is for both pet & r/c, the transmitter should look like mine in the picture. The transmitter is shrink wrapped for weight reduction, if yours has black shrink wrap on it then it is the correct one. I hope this answered your question Normex.
  6. Thank you for your response alas my shrink wrap is clear or white but I'm being told both are the same except for the label saying for pet or RC, the tag I purchased is the advanced one so it can be rain proof and of course I don't plan to test it as such.:)

    Thanks Orange Crush!
  7. Normex: Your welcome, they must have updated the transmitter from a year ago. It sounds like they have improved upon it. It sure saved my bacon once, well worth expense for the insurance on your ship, fly safe!!

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