Master Airscrew Props - Beware!

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  1. Just a heads up caution for anyone owning or thinking of purchasing Master Airscrew propellers for the X-Star. Many of the propellers have loose hubs. These are the fixed-hub ones not the older ones with a separate nut. I've been using the Master Airscrews since the first day with my X-Star Premium, and I also have them on an X-380. Yesterday another X-Star flyer told me his props were loose at the hubs and rocked if you just gently lifted on the tips while attached to the motors. Even holding the prop in his hand and grabbing the top of the hub it could be rocked. While it does not appear to so loose that it's about to fly apart, this could be an accident in waiting. I have two sets of these props for my X-Star and one set on an X-380. I never noticed before but when I checked all of them last night I found that out of 12 propellers total, five of them have loose hubs. Strangely, the set on the X-380 were all fine... so far. One set I purchased for the X-Star, three props had loose hubs! Maybe between the two sets I can get one good one? I'm going to hang on to the good ones and trash all the others. I have flown many flights with these propellers and have never noticed anything wrong until I checked them last night. I guess it's not pronounced enough to really notice unless you purpously check each one. Beware of them if you already have them and maybe reconsider purchasing if you're thinking about getting them.

    Note: All three of my sets are for the X-Star. These props are compatable with the Autel, the X-380, and DJI even though there are ones specifically sold for the Phantom 3 series.
  2. Master Airscrew is aware of this and has fixed the problem. All props sent out after Dec 20, 2017 are okay.
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  3. That's good to know. Mine were purchased in November so maybe I'll get a new set and see. I notice that the price on Amazon has gone down a little since I purchased mine, and is now closer to the DJI version. There was a rather large price difference between the Autel and DJI versions when I got mine even though they should be interchangeable.
  4. I got a set in mid December that were all loose. I contacted Master Airscrew and they will replace them. Here is the email I got from them.
    Hi Rick,
    Good afternoon thank you for contacting Master Airscrew. Sorry about the wobbly nuts yes you can return them for a full refund or return them for some new ones. Please go ahead and send them back along with a note with your contact information so we can do the exchange, thank you and have a great day.
  5. Thanks for that info. I just sent them a message myself so hopefully they will replace mine also.
  6. I got my master props late summer last year and after reading this post the first thing I did when I got home from work was check mine and yup one of four props has the loose nut (white/silver colored one). I'm just gonna toss them all and go back to the OEM props never noticed much of a difference anyway.
  7. I got a response from Master Airscrew today. They will gladly exchange my wobbly ones for new. Just send them an e-mail if you need to exchange.
  8. UPDATE:

    I received the replacement sets (2) for the propellers I returned more than a week ago. Sadly, both sets have loose hub nuts. I'm wondering if they sent me the same props back because one set has three props with loose hub, and the other has one. That's exactly what I sent back for exchange! I have contacted Master Airscrew again through their website so I'll see what happens next.
  9. Dang!! I still haven't got mine back yet. I just emailed them to see if they could let me know how long it would take. It's been about two weeks since they got them back.
  10. You should be seeing them soon then. I hope you have better luck than I've had so far. Please let us know.
  11. I hope so too. I'll definately report back. In the other forum there are a couple people that reported the same problem as you when they got their new ones back.
  12. If I return again, and get more loose hubs, I'll just use the stock props and/or the DJI Phantom 3 props I have. The DJI props work just as well but they look weird because they're white on an orange XSP. I do have a good set of the Airscrews on the XSP now plus another set on my X380.
  13. Honestly if i get bad ones back the company is done for me. I'll either stick with stock or go the way Agustine went and get the Aeronaut CAMcarbon Light Props.
  14. Just sent mine back again. The e-mail I received claimed the "colleagues" checked them. Not sure what was checked but they missed four out of eight. It also said they had new hub nuts coming in and will send me a new set as soon as they are ready. Let's see what happens this time... it will be the last.
  15. UPDATE!!
    I just talked to head of customer service over at Master Airscrew because I had not received my props back and she said my letter and props were sitting on her desk. She informed me that all the ones they were replacing right now were still old stock but they went through them one by one checking that they were tight. She informed me the new stock (from China) will be here this next week and also informed me I should wait for those to show up so she can send me some of those instead. They did get a different manufacturer to produce them.
    So for those who got wobbly ones back I'd wait till this next week and contact them again to get the new stock.
  16. So, it looks like we both should get new props from the fresh stock. I wonder how they were checking them? The ones I had were obviously loose. I was easily able to wiggle the hubs with my fingers. I hope the new manufacturer gets it right... or rather... tight!
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    I hope so too.
    She said they checked every single one in stock by hand. She's keeping my package on her desk till the new ones come in (I asked her to).
  18. Any word on yours? It has been over two weeks since I returned mine for the second time. Still no word or new props. I know they did receive them. If I don't hear or see anything by the middle of next week, I'll have to call.
  19. Nothing yet. I just went to check the mail and it has been 2 weeks to the day since I spoke to them. 1 month to the day since I sent them in.
    I'm calling now. Probably won't answer.

    Follow up:
    Called Jennifer and they just received the shipment today. She said something about the guy that runs a machine there called in sick today and won't be in till monday and that's when they will ship them out.
  20. Also, She said there is 6-8 sets on her desk that were sent back to her and she was going to send new ones to all those too.

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