Maximum Service Ceiling of 7000m for EVO 2???

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  1. Just wondering if its actually true that the evo 2 can fly up to an altitude of 7000m (23,000ft), has stated in the technical specifications? Also I have the EVO 1 and have gotten that to 2600ft which is the maximum altitude in the controller settings. Does anyone know if it will go higher? There is no maximum service ceiling stated under the specs for evo1 like there is for evo2.
  2. I just got mine in about 2 days ago, only had it up once due to weather. I just tooled around youtube to figure out how to work this thing and changed the settings so next nice day I will test out and let you know.
  3. So there is a limit on my Evo 2 and I also checked into the legal aspect of this too. Out of the box mine was capped at 400 or 600 feet however you can change that to 1640 but no higher and when you do, you have to select that you are complying with rules or something like that. So due to FAA Rules that I just now read and the limits on my Evo 2, I will sadly be unable to take the 23K test..
    I pulled this off of the FAA Website since I am new to the UAS thing.. .
    The maximum allowable altitude is 400 feet above the ground, higher if your drone remains within 400 feet of a structure... so honestly
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    Hey thanks for replying. Are you saying you have the Evo 2 and that in the settings you can only change the altitude limit to a maximum of 1640ft? I think your referring to the distance limit. Because i have the Evo 1 and my distance limit is 1640ft. That's if you choose to enable the distance limit. My altitude limit says 2,624 ft. So i cant see the Evo 2 not being able to go has high has the Evo 1. If you have novice mode enabled maximum altitude, speed, and distance will be limited. And technically about the FAA regulations your not supposed to fly beyond the line of sight. Or in the dark. like an half hour to hour before sunrise and half hour or hour before civil twilight. Or over people that have not signed waivers. In class b, ,c, or d airspace. Only in class E airspace at or below 400ft. Be glad we have Evo's because if we had DJI we would not even be able to take off in most urban areas I my self have flown my Evo 1 a distance of 16,774ft round trip. 8,387ft one way. I have gotten to an altitude of 2,633ft also past the stated limit. It states at the Autel website under the specs for Evo 2 that it has a maximum service ceiling of 7000 meters which is 23,000ft. Which i find super hard to believe. The only way i would fork out the extra cash for Evo 2 would be if it actually could go that high. Let me know if you decide to really see what it can do. Oh and by the way on the 16774ft round trip it was a pre mapped waypoint mission that i sent it on, and it disconnected from me around 3000ft going away from me at the start. it reconnected to me about 5,000 ft from me but on the way back facing me. So it actually finishes the mission with or without you, just so you know. I don't think it returns to home until it calculates it is approaching the point of no return by the battery remaining. at least while in a mission. Better signal on the return than away. But i was in the middle of the city in between houses and power lines , cell towers etc. If i would have climbed up on the roof of my house i am certain i would have had a much stronger signal. Oh and it was like 10pm at night. Thxs again for the reply your the only one that has.
  5. Ok so with the new update I was turning things off, turning them on seeing what the changes were and now my altitude limit is 2625 Feet which as of this morning was 1640. I have distance limit off, speed is Ludacris so it looks like I can go up about 1K higher. Still not the 7K meters but moving in the right direction. **Change 1.. Ok so the altitude limit says 98-2625ft.. however I selected N/A so let me see if selecting NA will allow me to go higher than 2625feet...and remove all altitude restrictions. Its a little windy out right now so I will wait a few hours and give this a rip.
  6. Service ceiling has nothing to do with how high it will fly above launch point! It is the altitude at which the thinner air will not allow the props to create sufficient lift for safe flight.
  7. I would agree.. kind of. I know the air is fine for rotary wing drone flight 3K feet AGL however my controller limits me to 2625`. There is a limit on how high that I can fly not based on air, but rather on limits of the UAS.
  8. OP asked about Service Ceiling.
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys. thats good to know. i wont try to go higher then.
  10. The max altitude you can fly from your point of takeoff and the max service ceiling are two different things.

    The 7,000m (22,965.9’) service ceiling is the max altitude above sea level that the aircraft is aerodynamically capable of flying. This is not an absolute value, it will vary +/- depending on the density altitude.

    An example is you can’t take your EVO II to the top of Mt Everest and get that great selfie at the top because Mt Everest’s peak is 8,048m (29,029’) is 1,048m above the service ceiling.

    This is why helicopters cannot perform rescues on Mt Everest. The service ceiling for a high performance helicopter is about 25,000’ and it can’t hover above about 10,000’ (varies by helicopter).

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