Maximun Range for Evo 2

Discussion in 'EVO 2' started by Ostinato, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. Today I flew my Evo 2 Pro in 15mph winds gusting to about 20. The battery was fully charged and has only been used for a few cycles. As expected, the drone was rock solid coping with wind. I flew it straight out at about 45ft altitude for about 800 feet in manual mode. On the Explorer app map a curved blue line appeared. When the drone reached the blue line, I got a message that said this was its maximum range and it would hover. And that is exactly what happened

    I then turned it around and flew it home. The battery was approximately 75% full when it landed.

    I checked the user manual, Facebook and another forum but could not find any reference to this behavior. I then called Autel TA and the tech said that the drone makes a judgement based on how charged the battery was and the energy it would take it to return home (taking into account the force of the wind for instance) and sets the maximum distance the drone can fly from home. The only way to change this is change the low battery percentage that the drone uses to trigger when to activate the Return to Home. I made the adjustment from 25% to 20% but it do not seem to make much of a difference.

    Reflecting on it now it really doesn't make a lot sense if it limited me with that much when the battery still have more than 75% left unless the algorithm Autel is using is really messed up.

    Has anyone has experienced this? Is there another work around?
  2. You have to toggle off NOVICE MODE in the settings
  3. Thanks but it was turned off and the geo fencing feature was off too.

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