Mid air compass calibration error

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Gary C., Mar 14, 2017.

  1. On my third flight with my new X star premium I had a mid air compass calibration error. The X star became very difficult to control. I landed it and recalibrated the compass successfully, took it back up the same thing happened again. How common are mid air compass calibration errors? Most of the places in my area have at least some radio interference. I'm a professional photographer getting into video. I thought I might add drone aerial photography and video to my business however I'm having second thoughts because of how susceptible the X star is to radio interference. My other drones don't have any problems in the same areas. Any suggestions?

    Gary Cable
  2. Have you tried flying in another area and see if the calibration error happens there?

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  3. I've flown in a dozen different areas, all fairly populated and built up and never had that problem in air.
  5. I have also had the same thing happen at my house but there are other homes around with wi fi. Going to try another location this weekend.
  6. WiFi interference should not affect the xsp only the regular xs

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  7. Are you flying near any attenas or tower sites?

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  8. The park that I fly in has a fire station nearby. They have attennas but it doesn't seem to effect my little hubsan 502s.
  9. The orientation arrow on the lcd of the transmitter doesn't match the arrow in the starlink app. I thought the arrows pointed in the direction that the xsp is traveling. Could this be related to compass errors?
  10. It should correspond to your current orientation of your drone that could be the cause of your error. I strongly suspect though it's because of the interference from that Fire Station Tower. Also the reason why doesn't affect your hubsan is because a hubsan and XPS operate on different frequencies. I want to say some emergency responders use the same frequency range as the XPS in some situations

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  11. It might also be a ham radio antennae on that tower causing interfearance. I would try flying in another area to confirm this.

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  12. Oh yes, I have had mid flight compass errors with my new XSP. I've flown 20 to 24 flights and this problem occurs with every flight. Location # 1 and 2 were 320 miles from my home in a very remote rural area of Michigan. Location 3 was at my home. Location #4 was at a out of business golf driving range.

    This "compass abnormal" problem can occur in flight and other times after being placed on the ground after compass calibration.

    XSP and Controller will be sent back to Autel this Monday for warrantee evaluation. Final repair will be based on their finding. Hopefully this will be covered by Autel as this XSP has experienced this problem out of the box and on every flight.

    This problem is not what I expected from Autel and I hope they find the root cause and correct.

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