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  1. Hey guys, if you live in Minnesota please post the name of your city, zip code and days you are free to fly. After we have a few members listed we could start having meets.

    Rick H
    Sun, Mon and Tue
  2. Hi.
    I'm Kyle.
    Woodbury 55125
    I have a varied work schedule, so fly availability unsure.
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  3. Steve P.
    Also irregular work schedule.
    Work all around mn continually
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  4. I see this is a older post (been off for a while) but if any one is still interested.......
    Scott From Ham Lake
  5. This post will never get old :) After we have a few more people I hope to set up fly dates or just hang out and talk about flying. And Scott I live about 10-15 mins from you :) I hope we get more people.
  6. Scott did I see you flying by 65 Friday or Saturday ? :) It was a white drone so it could have been a DJI
  7. Naa it wasn't me but if what you saw was in the area of Constance and 65 I think I know who it is and yes it was a Phantom 3. We have flown together showing off me with my xsp (orange pumpkin by the way) and him with his DJI and he may have gone farther but mine responded quicker. I am waiting on a new set of props coming today (hopefully) and if the temp can break 40 I will take her out probably for the last time till next spring (gotta check out the new props)
  8. Yep that is pretty close to where I was, it was on the west side of 65. I honked a few times in my Xfinity van LOL. And if you are getting carbon fiber blades be very careful I had a small accident with mine and had a few stitches put in my fingertips. I tried to stop the drone from damaging property when it started getting out of control. It was well worth it I had no damage to the drone or the property. I don’t think I will put them on because it made the drone very sensitive and being so sensitive could cause vibration to the camera. But then again I loved how quiet it flew compared to stock blades.

  9. Lee
    Coon Rapids 55448

    Hello! I was an owner(2 years) of the DJI Spark until I crashed it(dronie into house). Completely my fault. Now I have had the Evo for a month and recently crashed it :( But it wasn't my fault this time. During this flight the drone starting flying in a tornadoe like pattern on it's own. Crashing into the water (Lake Minnetonka). Luckily I was able to retrieve the drone. When I took it out of the water it was still on. After two days of drying the battery won't charge anymore. Currently waiting for autel to review the log.

    Is there a meet up anytime soon? Please, if anyone has a spare battery, I'd like to test to see if my drone still works.
  10. I'm in Ham Lake and may be able to help. I don't have a spare but I do have a battery if you just want to check it out.
  11. Looks like this thread has been on life support. I am a new owner and member from the frozen tundra.

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