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  1. I'm the GPS mode My max night is under 200 ft.
    Can't make it go up and higher on the app.
    Distance I can change but not altitude?

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  2. There should be no reason why you cannot change it.

  3. That's what I thought.
    I'll check again latter.
    Way to windy to fly
    Right now. But I'll turn
    Everything on and check again.
  4. Got that. How about that distance limit? On or off?[​IMG]

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  5. Also what does these other reading actually stand for?[​IMG]

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  6. I have mine set to off.

    Amap is for people in China, don't use it
    Show flight route should be on if you want to see your route on the map
    The one for mainland china leave off unless you live there :)
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  7. And what's onboarding?

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  8. As you can most likey tell I fear changing a setting till I understand what it really does.

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  9. Never used it but I have been told it has to do with the learning of the quad.
  10. Not needed now in your case as you are all caught up and an expert now :)
  11. Now that's the best statement I've heard all day.
    I really need an area where it's just flat out for miles.
    Then I can really fly this thing.
    This golf course is filled with trees in all directions!
  12. LOL
    Well where I live I have no choice but to fly above the trees. The boreal forest is in my back yard :)
    I have had to hike into the woods to recover a home built quad and chop down the 60 foot tree it was stuck in :) Only way I found it it was making this chirping sound like here i am come get me LOL
    It fell right out of the tree and into my arms. No damage at all. Still have it :)
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  13. Any idea why they chose 2,625ft as the top altitude limit? I wonder if this quad can really fly that high, guess it would be kind of illegal to find out....just sayin.....and wondering.
  14. Try it. Outside the flight zones?

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  15. Not sure where they came up with the limit number but my modded Yuneec Q500 has a limit of 3200 feet and yes they go that high.
  16. Wow

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  17. Yes, the X-STAR easily can go to the 2625 software limit. I did it last year when I took mine on vacation. It was a one time thing, but it had no issues doing it. I wouldn't do it today for fear of the battery issue. [​IMG]

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  18. Rixxie,
    If you're worried about the trees, DONT be! Altitude is your friend and keeps you out of trouble. put it Above the trees and fly! Most likely you don't have a tree that is much higher than 80-85 feet. You will Be amazed at what you can do up there!
  19. As for distance limit. I personally don't set one. YOU have the control how you want to fly, you can limit it by STOPPING.

    Most of the time my settings are...
    Altitude 400 ft
    Distance off
    Go Home Altitude 150 ft

    This gets me well above everything, under the FAA ceiling and safely brings her home.
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