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    I recently received several new batteries for my XSP from Autel. One was DOA however and had to be replaced. Autel's customer service was fast and very helpful as usual although I had to jump through a few hoops to get a replacement. In any event, I should receive a replacement in a few days and they told me to just recycle the DOA one.

    Today I was out at one of my favorite sites and took three great flights with the XSP. Using the SKYREAT extenders I was able to fly over a mile on all three. I was right at the 1.2 mile "limit" when each time I either lost video or had signal loss causing RHT to occur. The XSP came home each time without incident. Awesome! I did cut the RTH short twice since the signal and video recovered while still out over 4000 feet. My altitude for all these flights was between 350 and 380 feet. I also got more than 20 minutes airtime as well. I don't know about y'all but, I've seen the YouTube videos of the SKYREAT extenders working and not working for some folks. They do seem to extend the limits I've been getting and helping my live video view stay stable at long distances. Times I lost it today seemed to occur when I had to move my position past some clumps of trees in order to maintain an unobstructed line to the XSP or when way out past a mile. I'm very happy with these distances, and believe me a mile is more than I ever really need to fly.

    I also purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 10.1-in running Android 7.0. I did not see any video stuttering today as I had with my Tab A, 8-in. I do like the larger view as well.
  2. Hello. Skyreat antenna reflectors are effective at receiving an available signal - as long as the signal is there to receive. If the signals from the drone simply aren't making it to the controller, then an antenna reflector won't help - unless it is very large. The best analogy is to compare it to a catchers (baseball) glove. Without the glove, the ball (signal) is hard to catch. But, with the larger surface area of the glove, it is much easier to catch the ball (signal). Last, if the ball is thrown (by the pitcher) 3 feet to the side of the catcher, the catcher probably won't catch it; no matter how good his glove is. With RF (radio wave signals), it sometimes helps to have a larger antenna (which is essentially what the Skyreat is). However, there are times when a larger antenna does no good at all, and it becomes more advantageous to have an antenna/signal amplifier (which is what the 4Hawks is). In some cases, a larger antenna collects more bad signal, along with more of the good signal, and things are no better. However, with a signal/antenna amplifier, the electronics in the amplifier can be tuned to amplify the good signal/frequency, while suppressing the other stuff that is commonly referred to as interference.
    Hope this helps. :)

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