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  1. Hello everyone
    You know I made a lot of video with my x-Star!
    Since 1 month, I noticed the appearance of vibration (jelo) on the videos, these vibrations are more and more important.
    I verified that the screws were tight.
    That does not come from propellers that are all calibrated.
    But I have a motor that heats more than others, and that makes a strange noises.
    But I do not know or find replacement engines?
    I leave in France !!
    Thank you for your help...
  2. I think your videos look good the only thing I notice is the waves in water shots are a little jumpy due to low frame rate setting on the camera. I use low frame rate unless there is movement so the files will be smaller. I do know one thing you travel to some really nice places to fly and film. I am not watching on a large screen so that may conceal the issue you are seeing and I am not. Good luck and I hope someone can address your issue. Google it maybe.
  3. The hot motor and noise are certainly a concern it could put your drone at risk..
  4. Merci Fundy for your comment !!
  5. Anyone have any idea which of the motors Fundy referenced we use?

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