MOV or MP4 for shooting videos???

Discussion in 'General' started by ovrszd, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Title is self explanatory. Thanks for any tips!!!!
  2. From what I understand if you're going to edit on OS X then use MOV and if you're going to edit on Windows then use MP4. But I don't think now days it really matters because you can work with both file types on both systems.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to speed up processing. Been using MOV. I'll try MP4 and see if theres a difference. Thanks again.
  4. Guess better to stick with mp4 because it could be played on almost all devices. For the quality, there is nothing difference since mp4 is based on mov.
  5. I have been using MP4 and like it.
  6. I've been using MP4 because it works with other things than quicktime. I do quick edits on my android phone (adding music, etc.) and I do more detailed editing on an old MacBook that I have, and it is fine with the MP4. I don't have any experience on an Iphone.
  7. has anyone posted a file on this site? I can't seam to get the file small enought to upload
  8. Yeah I've posted several videos. But I use YouTube as a host.

    Not tried posting one direct to the site.
  9. Their site limits the file sizes to basically only for Photos and if you want to post videos do as ovrszd mentions and used YouTube then just copy the address her with your post.
    Hope it helps and come back if you need more info.

  10. Vimeo is a great alternative to youtube since it allows you to upload larger file sizes and all you have to do is post a link in here or copy the url link and use the media button in the chat options here and just paste it in like this unimportant but funny video. hehe

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