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Discussion in 'General' started by N.C. Brandon, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Alright so a quick question,

    I am taking off and landing at sea. Way out in the Atlantic ocean. Boat moves with current and wind, means instantly takeoff point as a RTH is useless. Plus I want to get some great videos of fishing vessels running in the water. That means 2 boats moving and doing so at a great speed away from set safety home point. After about 6 miles the copter realized it needed the remaining battery to get back to home point. It immediately Stopped and ran back out to a random point in the Atlantic 10s of miles away from us. Needless to say I was yelling at the captain to follow that drone as it would not let me take back over. Just poped up saying remaining battery needed to return to home.

    Do I just have to keep hitting the home point guy aka the current controller position button every mile or so and that is my new random ocean RTH point? Or can I set the chopper to always go to controller or even last known position of controller.
    Either of these would be better than say 10 miles away. Heaven forbid I forget to hit the new home point while also trying to fly and do some photography. ( Like Enough isnt going on esp in a boat ) I wanted to add it would not let me set a new home point once it had its heart attack and decided it had to go back to take off point. I would hit cancel and it would stop for say 5 seconds, then say nope remaining battery needed to return home. Vary bad in the ocean, also expensive to run two large fishing vessels wide open trying to follow it back to take off lol

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