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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to the world of drones. New owner of an Autel unit.

    Where do you download the music use for your videos? Also recommendation on any entry level software for editing videos ?

    I did use the search feature :) - With no luck regarding the music
  2. I google searched "free music downloads" and found several. Can't remember which I use.

    For video edit I use Microsoft Movie Maker. It's free and fills my amateur needs.
  3. Youtube has a ton of free ;music you can use. Google search youtube audio library.
  4. you can also try Di Vinci Resolve, its free to
  5. This is the best place I have found to get royalty free music. Loads of choices and search options.
  6. How do you download the tunes from this site?
  7. How do you download tunes and save them? do see any tab for that
  8. Click the music file you like and bring it all the way open. There should be a download button. I search royalty free then genre. I’ll take some screen shots tonight
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  9. You might want to check out There are many potentially useful tracks, and all are free to use as long as appropriate credit is given in the video.
  10. O
    Kun along the left side you can filter which tracks you want to sample I always filter "to use commercially" Once you like one just click in and at the bottom of the sound graph you can see download. most of them want you to mention them in credits. Hope this helps.
  11. Sorry I am looking at the pg and cannot see how to do it. I have played the song's and added them to my like list. But don't see how to save them.

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