My 1st edited video of Utah mountains

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by ORANGE CRUSH, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Well here it goes, my 1st time posting or editing a video. I have alot to learn about camera settings and such but it was sure fun to make, enjoy!
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  2. Very, very nice Kelly!!!!! Your piloting skills are very good as well. Don't worry about camera settings, let the Drone do that while you hone your flying and editing skills. Excellent video!!!! Thanks for posting!!!!
  3. Ovrszd, thanks for the kind words. I have been flying for about a year now & can't believe the things i'm still learning on this ship, it's an amazing mechanical marvel!!
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  4. vraiment une trés belle video !! les couleurs sont magnifiques, jolie travail Orange Crush.... From France ...
  5. My french is rusty but thanks
  6. Orange Crush, I've traveled through the mountains of Utah numerous times at this time of year to visit family in Colorado and have always admired the stunning beauty of those magnificent colors against the incredible ruggedness of the rocky terrain. You've done a terrific job of capturing that spectacular landscape, and your video is a real pleasure to watch. Thank you for sharing. BTW, if you haven't already done so, you ought to consider entering your still photos in Autel's Share Your Vision photo contest; go to for details. Your shots look like winners to me!
  7. Sundog775, Thanks for the kind comment & for the link to Autel. I think i will do that, also you are correct about the colors set up against the ruggedness, i couldn't have ssid it better myself. I'm very lucky to live within 20 minutes of gods majestic beauty!! Thanks again
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  8. Like your work. hope mine will get better soon. when I get my xsp back.
  9. Kun Bow, Thanks! Hopefully you will get your ship back before the fall colors end.

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