My best shots from June!

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  1. Hello everyone, here are my best shots from June! All shot on the Autel Evo 1, enjoy!
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  2. Great Video! What ND filters did you use for the dusk shots, those were epic.

    Also loved the end bit.
  3. Thanks! I use the Polar Pro ND filters that autel has on their website.
  4. nicely put together, but, if you don't mind, most of the daylight shots are at least 1 stop overexposed and the couple of dark shots, (dunno if it's YouTube "magic" which it could be) are full of artifacts and grain. could be the EVO shortcoming or maybe a bit overdone in post or a wrong LUT? I don't know could be a number of things, Golden hour short are pretty damn good to my eye, best shots in the video, but like I said, nicely put together.
  5. Sweet buttery camera movements!
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  6. The artifacting is definitely youtube. It looked phenomenal on my computer. Unfortunately I did overexpose a few shots. It was hard to tell since the brightness on my phone was making it hard to see what it actually looked like. Thanks for watching and I'm thankful for your feedback!
  7. Dude tell us how you get those buttery reveal camera movements
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  8. Practice, my friend. Moving both joysticks and the gimbal at the same time. Not easy, but with practice makes for some really smooth video.
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    I learned from your video. I’ve yet to use my Polar filters. Your music was great! Really upbeat and it fit the video nicely. This was shot in VA? Editing software?
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  10. Liked the fake truck in the overhead shot! Great video
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  11. Hey, sorry for the late reply, most of this was shot in the northern VA area, around the patomac and Shenandoah rivers! I use Davinci Resolve as my software
  12. You're the first to notice that it was fake! Thanks for watching!
  13. Having your exp set to 0.22 helps

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