nano drone or full size?

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  1. Would anyone with experience recommend a nano drone for a beginner? Opposed to a full size drone? I don't have any experience with a drone of any size. I though the nano may be easier to control. Can anyone give me any feed bad? Doesn't have to be brand specific.
  2. Nano drones are a bit cheaper I think compared to a full sized one, so if you somehow break it or damage it, you wouldn't feel as much of a hole in your wallet compared to the big ones. You also get to use the "stealth" part of stealth drones to a much fuller effect, as a smaller drone can't be as easily spotted as a big one. It's also less noisier, and you can have more fun in enclosed spaces with the smaller one compared to the larger one. So all in all, just stick to the small one for now, and when you are confident with the controls (and know that you won't break it), you can order the large one and go out to the park and test it out.
  3. Yes, I would definitely recommend buying a nano drone if you are just starting to use them. You will learn how to control them and what are they all about easier with a nano drone. Also, their camera is comparable to cameras in bigger ones. But even if you are an experienced user, nano drones can also be very useful and fun. Choosing nano drone or full sized drone later depends on what do you want more: stealthiness and practicality or speed and endurance? I would buy both if I had an option. :)
  4. I am new to this too, and I didn't even know that there were those options. Does it really make that much difference to how easy or hard it will be to learn to fly the drone if it's a nano or full size model?
  5. I think you would have to keep in mind that the learning curve depends on the individual and how much time you want to spend on it... Although I would tend to lean towards getting something like a Syma X5hc as a good starter because of the size (larger than them the micro/minis - but not humongous) and it capabilities. It has a basic altitude hold function which will help all new/inexperienced pilots to build a little more confidence and while still being fun at the same time!
  6. How much does that Syma X5hc go for? Is it the best one for a total total newbie who has never flown anything but a kite before in their life?
  7. They usually go for about $60. Basic, no frills, has auto hold, camera for pics and videos, and can do flips (if you're into that). Fairly durable (although I would not crash into concrete walls too often), has prop guards.... There will be lots and lots of opinions on what choices people are looking for in a beginners model, but I think the syma one checks off a lot of the boxes that a beginner would be looking for... You can check out YouTube for more info and reviews and such...
  8. And buy additional batteries as the battery alacrity and flight time is short...
  9. Smaller is not necessarily easier. The eachine H8 is alot smaller than the syma X5. however the yaw rate of the H8 can make it borderline uncontrollable at times.
    If you are looking for something that has some real training wheels.
    I had one of these months ago. Was a great little indoor trainer. if you throttle up into the ceiling or bump a problem.
  10. Thank you for the information. I will be sure to check it out.
  11. I'm looking into my first one, and I definitely think that a nano drone is the way to go for beginners. I am going to want to play with mine with young kids, and the thought of them breaking something that cost me $40-100 as opposed to something that cost $500 is a lot less frightening! Still, I do hope they won't break it. :eek:

    I also really like the thought that I can use it for stealth ops easier, not that I plan to spy on anyone exactly, but I do not like the thought of being an easy target. I would be afraid of jackasses with nothing better to do trying to take it down.
  12. True that. I have made my decision and I'm going with the nano drone. Also I'm going for something in the under hundred bucks price range. I also intend to play with my yound daughter, as she is also into drones, but then I suppose what kid isn't?
  13. There are alot of options in the under 100$ range. What kind of features do you have in mind? There are some surprisingly neat micro drones out there.

    Parrot Micro drones are very child friendly. cell phone controlled and you set things like max height in the app. It also has a downward facing camera and a sonar to make sure it holds a steady hover. Very advanced for the 69$ price tag.

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