ND filters?

Discussion in 'EVO' started by impetus_maximus, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. purchasing an EVO soon. i'm looking at ND filters.
    anyone have ND filters for your EVO? please share your experiences.

    i've seen some for other drones that have a rotating polarized lens.
    sorry, i don't know the technical term for this type. are there any of this type for the EVO?

  2. I just got the PolarPro ND filters. Polarizer would be a bit weird on a drone since it's moving all over the place.
  3. thanks for the reply. i don't know, i think having control of the polarized direction could come in handy.
    for instance if you have a glass building to one side of your shot.

    let us know how you like them. post images/vids if possible. :D

  4. Sure if you're aiming the camera in one direction, yeah.

    I got my EVO today and rolled on some random stuff in the field I practice in. I had a PolarPro ND filter on for these.

  5. wow, looks fantastic. nice blue sky, color and contrast of the the trees etc.
    can't wait to get mine.

    many thanks. :)
  6. Found a VIVID POLAR PRO set.. Think Ill order those! Love the VIDVID COLORS and will have polarized sunglasses on the bird!
  7. Can you link the ND filter you bought?
    Just got my evo in, unpacked, charged up, reading everything I can before I go out, making my list of goodies to add
  8. Just search "polarpro evo" and find the cheapest price. I'm pretty sure I got mine on amazon.
  9. Do Polarpro ND filters fit inside the gimbal cover? Thanks for your reply.
  10. Yes, they do. I leave an ND16 on all the time.

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