Neewer ND Filters

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Guy Cox, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. My wife gave me my Christmas wish, an X Star Premium. Included in the bundle of gifts were a set of Neewer ND filters 4,8 and 16. I removed the X Star lens cover and tried to screw on the Neewer #8 ND filter. I tried to tighten the lens up to no avail. When I finally thought the filter was on, I wiggled the filter and it slipped right off. It seemed it was not gripping the threads on the camera lens. Almost as if the filter was too big large for the camera.

    Has anyone had any dealings with the Neewer ND filters from Neewer. There web page is The product details says they will fit an X Star and a X Star Premium.

    If I am doing anything wrong please let me know.
  2. Guy, most of the filters simply snap on the lens. If they fall off, then you should call/contact the manufacturer of the filters and ask for their recommendation. Congratulations on the new aircraft!
  3. Do you have some names of manufactures so I can shop for new filters.
  4. I also use the Tiffen filters, you unscrew the factory UV filter & my Tiffen filters screw onto the camera perfectly. I think the newer filters also screw on, they could be for a DJI drone using a different thread configuration.

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