New Autel Video hinting at future.

Discussion in 'News' started by bjtap, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. I have stopped flying my X-Star Premium as I am not sure where to get replacement parts in case I have a problem? Is the X-Star going the way of the Honda Odyssey, I have confidence that a new drone from Autel would be great, but parts support for current product is not very encouraging. I have told a family member to buy another brand already.
    Not jumping ship yet, but thinking about it!
  2. Capt. AL,
    I, at one time, had a DJI Phantom 4. (Before I heard of Autel). Upon receiving the Phantom 4 I asked DJI five times, since this is a discontinued model, how long does DJI guarantee the repair and availability of replacement parts for that model. The best answer I ever got (2x) was something to the effect ' don't worry we cover the warranty for one year'. Finally being as clear and as blunt as possible I told them again I was not worried about the warranty what I want to know is how long does DJI guarantee repair and replacement parts. After the 5th time they never replied. (BTW: I returned the Phantom 4 without ever flying it. I was not going to take a chance with a company that could not answer a simple question).
    You might try asking Autel directly how long they will guarantee parts and repair of XSP.
  3. bjtap,
    Thanks, Think I will after the CES in Vegas. At least give them a chance to get that over with. They have been stellar in the customer service thats why I chose them over DJI. But all the hoopla I see concerning their in stock units and the court case they had with DJI, I get a little jumpy. I love the X-Star and my DJI friends are impressed also. Lets see what happens.

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