New beta firmware out. V2.0.8

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  1. Firmware Beta Download | Autel Robotics

    What’s New:
    1. Optimized flight control algorithm. Improved response speed. Shorter braking distance. Faster max descending speed.
    2. Fixed YAW issue. YAW sensitivity adjustment EXP is now available.
    3. Optimized compass algorithm. Fixed crash issue caused by magnetic interference/compass abnormal.
    4. The compass only needs one good calibration after update and no re-calibration needed (Compass calibration must be performed outdoor with strong GPS signals).
    5. Enabled outdoor Starpoint function. Soft landing will kick in while landing.
    6. No more IMU warm-up time.
    7. Auto-takeoff altitude changed to 1.5m.
    8. 99 waypoints.
    9. Digital zoom is available.
    10. Pause works in autonomous modes. Pressing the pause button again will resume the previous action.
    11. Motors won’t start in IOC mode.
    12. Improved battery self-discharging control based on temperature.
    13. Optimized power drop prevention for long-stored battery.
    14. Gimbal snap issue fix (Based on 2.0.1)
    15. Tilted horizon issue optimized (Based on 2.0.1)
    16. Added time-based protection for auto-takeoff
    17. Waypoint altitude adjustment: change evenly between 2 points (Based on 2.0.1)
    Copied and pasted from the other forum (thanks Agustine!!)
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  2. Awesome! Another update for my collection. Looks like this one fixes some of the issues being discussed in these forums but I'm wondering how much longer until it's an official release.

    What does #16 do? Anyone know?
  3. I was hoping it would not be beta again.
    I wondered what 16 was too.

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