New but getting the bug

Discussion in 'EVO' started by mikej32514, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, at this point I do not have an Evo, but I'm starting to feel the urge. I am not new to drones or R/C in general. At this time I have a handful of drones from cheaper buy anywhere type to a Heli-Max 1Sq and a few DJI (Mavic Air and Mavic 2 Pro). I'm here to hear what the owners of this very cool drone think; and convince myself to buy one of the Evo bundles.
  2. So did you get an EVO?
  3. Ya know, if someone really had a Mavic Air and a Mavic pro 2 they certainly would not be on this forum saying that they are new. Sorry but I am not buying this guy's post.
  4. He posted and left the post gone MIA!

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