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  1. With new setting of my caméra !!
    what do you think ....
    It's in 2.7k 25fps, landscape, vivid !
    For me i préfer : Log !
    The Ternay lake, near my home in Loire, France .
  2. Very nice countryside video, it amazes me the confidence you have when flying over water but it is only me who's chicken

    Good Luck

    En passant je suis français du Canada dans un village appellé Embrun près de Ottawa.
  3. Merci Normex je vole depuis bientot 3 ans et l'éssentiel de mes vidéos sont tournées au dessus de l'eau !!! je suis attiré et les contraste sont tellement beaux ... Vas visiter ma chaine tu comprendras !! Embrun nous avons le meme village dans le sud ...
  4. I wish my French was better. I understand Normex’ message and most of Francis’,, but it’s very difficult for me to speak / write.

    Francis, is your new X-Star a Wi-Fi or a Premium?
  5. The X-STAR Premuim, Is not marketed, nor allowed to fly in France, radio frequencies are prohibited ...
    And the X-star wifi, Is not sold in France, and I think it is no longer found in the usa?
    I think to be the only possessor of this drone, in France and can also be in europe?
    This is my team ...

    COPIE PF.jpg
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  6. Well Francis thankfully for Bigbit here in Canada Bigbit has not a meaning similar to yours :)
    A "bit" for us urban french can be interpreted as a big morcel with no connotation to a human body part but maybe better leave it to Bigbit to offer us the meaning of his name. Hehe
    Francis could you have purchased Pheonix 2 as a premium unit ? as the only difference is the addition of GPS and more similar to the mainstream.
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  7. The origin of my nickname is actually pretty innocent. I am tall and used to be the size of a football linebacker before weight loss surgery. I had a friend who was quite diminutive named Elizabeth. I called her “Little Bit”, and subsequently, she started calling me “Bigbit”...
  8. There lets leave the bit with no bite.
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  9. Mine started as a scrawny kid. My Uncle's idea.... :)
  10. Very nice video Francis!!!!!
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  11. i'm sorry bad joke !!
  12. thank you so much it's normal to help AUTEL, amazing society and is professional team ...
  13. Bigbite !!!!! :( in France the X-STAR Prémuim, Is not commercialized because the radio frequencies used are prohibited!
    I could only buy the xstar wifi ...
    Today, it is no longer manufactured !!
    So now I have 2 drones collector, and I am the only owner in France ..;)
  14. I'm the only one in Thailand with one. Sunset no filter MAX_0001 (15).JPG
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  15. I don't doubt that for a second. But,,,,, how do you know???? Maybe there's another rebel lurking around the corner with his XSP..... :)
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  16. Francis, very cool! You do a wonderful job on your videos. Here in the USA we could NEVER fly anywhere near a dam. I'm with Normex about the flying over water, but that's where some of the best shots are and I do it, albeit with fully charged batteries! You have inspired me with your videos. Can you tell us how high you were with your opening shot?
  17. i'm sorry i don't understand your question !!
    You can specify a bit more.
    Sorry for my english !!
  18. Francis, your English is very good. What altitude were you flying in the opening scene in your video? How many meters were you above the ground over the water in the beginning?
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  19. I had to be a +/- 2.0m no more !! We see a duck hiding, behind the herbs, this gives an idea of the height!
    I flew even closer to the water !! in this video at 1.52 mns ..
  20. Yes Francis, but after the two meter shot you rise up...what then?

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