New Firmware BIG FAIL FOR ME

Discussion in 'EVO' started by mixchief, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Right off the bat horizon tilt worse than ever even after gimbal cal. Did a nice dusk flight but immediately had to +2 on the adjustment, the yaw doesn't seem to be a heck of a lot smoother if at all, not my day today,
  2. I would suggest re-doing the update but do it manually ( put the .bin file in the root of the SD card) There is a pretty good tutorial for it. If you DID do it manually, maybe repeat it and try it?
  3. I did it manually, over the air it failed, Im in communication with Autel, cat exchange yesterday, emailed me today asking for more infomand a video of the issue.
  4. Well, now they want me to send them the A/c
  5. I upgraded to and it worked fantastic. The EVO did everything right. I am so pleased with this thing now I think I will sell my XSP if I can get a decent price out of it. The difference between them is night and day now and I really liked the XSP.
  6. For me, has been fantastic. No issues whatsoever.

    Now, I just wish Autel would do two more things - reactivate the 900MHz signal for better range and make Dynamic Tracker so the Evo can follow subjects up and down hills.
  7. For me the range is plenty but if they could add Dynamic Tracking I would be in seventh heaven because of the country I fly in.
  8. SO, I got my EVO back today and I hate to say it feels like a huge waste of time to have lost over 2 weeks sending them my drone. Their assessment concluded all that was needed was a gimbal cal which I did 2 before sending EVO to them, first thing I noticed was the gimbal tilt was the same as when I sent it, I re-calibrated the gimbal to the same exact result. Then to add insult to injury the yaw is so stupid sensitive I can barely touch it and off to the races it goes, no finesse no nothing. I had never touched the settings and I was able to somewhat finesse it before I sent it in, now it's un usable.That's basically all I had time for before the sun went down, I will cut the video down a little and make a post for just that. I chatted with CS but they were closing in ten minutes so I just went into description of my experience just like this one for the record. Now I will have to be back to the drawing board . Also, something I never had happen before, it took a while to acquire sats, this thing was acting as if it was indoor for a while before it got some. I can't imagine anyone having flight tested this thing and actually bother to look at the tablet screen and not notice that there was a marked tilt. Their service description also said that every a/c before leaving gets the new firmware
  9. Hello, i am new to the forum and i have been through the EXACT issue as you, my horizon would not hold and id need to set it to +2.0 to level(and somtimes it wouldnt hold so id have to land ad waste 5 mins to calibrate. after that when i switch batteries it would forget level) and ive done everything, leveled calibration, compass calibration, and firmware reflash via air and manually, i contacted autel and they gave me two options, send a screen record or send it in, although i still await there message i fear they may want me to send it in. However, i ended up solving my horizon issue to where it only requires +-0.2 adjustment(depending on where i take off)

    What i did;

    Went out side clear from metal and steel, Compass Calibration, Power cycle drone only, Cailibration #2, went to a super level glass plate and turned on(used 2"x2" blocks and cards to level), Adusted gimbal to 0.0, Gimbal cal #1, powercycle, Gimbal cal #2, Powercycle.

    After that i took off a slanted driveway and had a complete acceptable leveled horizon( added 0.2 just in case) to prove it i set it to 34mph and still had an amazing horizon even with crazy yaw. landed switched batteries and took off with still a level horizon. This worked for me however it may or maynot work for everyone
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  10. Have you done this calibration dance only once? Or is it something you have to do every time you fly, meaning after having the bird turned off for a while? The glass surface is a little sketchy as glass might contain a certain amount of lead or other metals, specially if it's very fine crystal which of course this probably isn't. I have a very level wood table where I do my cals, however haven't gone through this whole process you developed. I find it easy enough to just level it as soon as I get up in the air, it is invariably between +1.4 and 1.2, I was used to doing this with my X5 on my Inspire, so much for ONLY the EVO has this issue, the X5R however has been spot on, so I am assuming it is just manufacturing issue. The messed up thing about my camera is that out of the box I never had a horizon issue, but progressively with every f/w update it started and got worse and worse. The firmware update did absolutely fix the landing "dance" and hover is much more precise, I tested orbit the other day and it is still pretty rough with it adjusting itself regularly completely messing up the smoothness required by the smart mode to work, and it was an evening with virtually no wind, so that bugged me. now Alejandro wants it back. I will send it back to them so they hopefully look further into these issues and make this bird viable, or else I will be forced to the dark side again, or a the very least forget about a truly portable drone.
  11. before i fixed it i had to calibrate my gimbal every single time i switched batteries or turned off my drone, ive only done the fix once since then, now i just start up as usual let everything complete self check and gps lock (10-15sec) and take off and it remembers its settings
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  12. I will try your method this week and see if I can save that issue and try and "fix" the rough orbit with Autel remotely, or else I'll only be flying the Inspire for a couple of weeks, which right now is alright as I'm not planning to get on a plane within the next couple of months so desperate "need" for the EVO is not currently there, but an absolute want. Thanks Chris for your contribution.
  13. no problem, i honestly stopped flying my evo for 2 weeks before i sat down and researched, my second drone in a typhoon H which i flew but i missed my Evo's portability. Hopefully this fix will work out for you

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