New Firmware Update.....UPDATE!!

Discussion in 'News' started by Slingshot, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Spoke with Autel this am and this is the latest on the update dilemma...

    Hello Scott,

    Thanks for contacting Autel. The official word coming down from the higher ups is first quarter next year. They are working on some pretty substantial changes and you guys should be really happy when this thing drops, but that is all the information I have at this time.

    Thank you,

    Jason D
    Customer Support
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  2. Good to hear.
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  3. I hope it helps my issue of no Sonar firmware. I'm a little nervous after my last conversation with Autel, when they advised me that the sonar doesn't do anything and art even working. I haven't flown mine sense that day, to much money wrapped up in this to have it crash because of firmware. I am still waiting for a return call from Autel on exactly what the Sonar do, are the activated, do I need them to fly, will it cause me to crash? I need this answered especially after my last flight were the Drone would not RTH and just hovered at 99 feet. Also I still am not satisfied with their response in the matter where I keep getting (Unknown Battery), it's very unsettling to have that pop up on your screen when your 300 feet high and some 1500 feet away from you.
  4. This is a bit upsetting to read because i have ordered an xsp and it has shipped. What happened when the rth didn't work? ..Were you able to simply fly it back manually or was it stuck there hovering and unresponsive? Has this happened to anyone else I wonder. i doubt i will use the rth button in my routine, but want the piece of mind it gives and to know it is going to work properly in the event of signal loss or similar emergency situation.
  5. I did a full write up on my experience with this issue, but to answer your question, I had no control over the Drone it just sat up there at 99 feet, and the battery went from 25% to 6% in less then a minute. The unknown battery is also concerning. This was the 1st time I experienced any issues with the Drone. I have flown it down to the 25% low battery and had it RTH without any issues, I have lost signal with the Drone and it has RTH without issues. I only had issues after attempting to install the Firmware as instructed by Autel Rep's. The ironic part of all of this is that they e-mailed me the newest Firmware rather then it being in the Download file on the Autel Website. That Firmware should always be the most current and available to all on their Website, in my opinion.
  6. I think I would install the website's firmware then. 6% battery is falling from the sky kind of low batt or very soon to. I don't want to repeat questions you may have already answered in another thread, but I wonder what happened..if it crashed. If you were able to land, I suspect 6% was not the case. I am unsure if voltage can be tested manually on these lipos like typical rc lipos. I imagine part of the "smart" of these packs is that the system compares individual cell voltage since it is normal practice in plain rc lipos.
  7. Well I am happy to say that my Drone is back up to 100%. Dan a rep at Autel was finally able to get me the Firmware file V. for the Sonar and the Drone accepted it. This would have been the last ditch effort before I would have had to send it back to Autel for them to figure out why it wasn't accepting the Sonar Firmware. This is why I picked Autel, relentless customer support. I heard of so many Horror stories about other drones and little to none customer support. Dan at customer support for Autel was always quick to respond to my e-mails and calls and I just want to say Thank You to him. Autel is still not sure why the Drone froze up the way it did and then not respond to the commands from them remote, but he did state that if something drastic would have happened that Autel would have had my back. That's the one thing that is nice is that this Drone records it's flights (sorta love a black box on an aircraft would) and they would be able to see what your drone was doing prior to a crash. Thankfully mine did not and is back in the air. On a side note I was told by Dan not to download Firmware into a new out of the box battery, just charge it and fly (plug and play) nice to know sense we are purchasing 3 more batteries for my son's and my drone, but also to keep the batteries separate from one Drone to the next.
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  8. No I was able to hold the pause button and the Drone began to decent, but once I let it go it went back to 99 feet, so I held it till it got low and my son grabbed the landing gears, but as son as I let go of the pause button it tired to climb (motors reved back up), but my son turned off the battery on the drone and all ended well.
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  9. Hi, I had the same issue regarding SONAR update fail. Do you still have that file please?

    Best Regards,

    Cider Boy.
  10. Same issue here.... Autel support recommended I apply this (X3P_FW_900M_V1.3.2.bin) as the latest firmware but the update failed to install for Sonar and Optical Flow. The response to a follow up email was that my drone was completely up to date with the current firmware already. Anyone able to get this to work?

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