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  1. I'm in the process of researching to get my first quad copter. I've never flown.
    I think I'm am going to purchase the X Star Premium. I have a few questions.

    I realize that the XPS can be flown without a tablet or phone, but can it still video or take photos without being linked?

    I have a prepaid phone (Galaxy s5), my carrier is Straight Talk. I often burn up my data quickly, before I am due to prepay another month. My question is, do I need data to use the app?

    Can I use a tablet with no data/wifi?

    I would appreciate any feed back. Thank you for your time.

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  2. You don't need data/wifi. If the app will load on your phone, you are good to go.

    Not sure if it will record or take pictures without a device. Be hard to do without knowing what you are looking at.

    Cheap 7" DigiLand tablets can be found all over the place and will work just fine.
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  3. You can vid and take pics without a device, however, you don't know what your shooting and don't know your camera settings.

    I understand the invida shield works well and is only 200.00. You don't need any service, just connect via a wifi and get your maps first before you fly.

    GPS maps don't take up a lot of data, so that might not be an issue if you're using your phone with service.

    The X STAR Premium is a great quad to learn on, it is incredibly easy to fly. It pretty much flies itself!

    IOC mode is for the total NEWBIE
    GPS is for the newbie getting their bearings and learning orientation without getting in any trouble.
    ATTI is for more advanced pilots, but is still pretty stable as it holds altitude(unlike a race drone)

    You cannot go wrong with the XSP, rock solid quad with tons of options and just plain fun to fly!
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  4. Thanks for the replys.

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  5. The IOS Apple devices seem to have the best stability from what I see here in the forums.

    My IPad, IPad MINI, IPhones work like a dream, NO issues at all. Seems the Android devices have some issues.

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