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  1. Hello all. Purchased evo few weeks back and digging it. Had the Traxxas aton plus which was fun but more for playing in my opinion. After a few weeks messing with it I realized I needed a "real" one. Did some research, asked some friends ended up with the evo, best buy had in stock, had to have it. Purchased Lifthor tablet holder for it and it's great. Set up ipad mini and liking it but will replace with larger screen tablet soon. Strange thing, camera view is good but map view is inop? Just shows arrow/position and blank checkerboard screen, any hints would be appreciated. looking forward to trying different filming modes but haven't yet. Did manage 2 miles which was impressive considering I was at home in the mountains, in a valley surrounded by trees. That's enough of an introduction I'd say
  2. Welcome

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